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2016, President's Award

Number Title of work Presentation
M2 Network resources optimal allocation models and methods in wireless telecommunication systems (Number of comments: 13)
M7 Analytic and algebraic methods in spectral problems (Number of comments: 0)
M8 Investigation of boundary behavior of mappings with finite distortion by the method of mapping theory (Number of comments: 4)
M9 Mathematical methods and applied information technologies of modeling, translation and training for the Ukrainian sign language (Number of comments: 18)
M10 Managing the dynamics of electromagnetic excitations in superconducting and magnetic nanostructures with complex geometry (Number of comments: 3)
M11 Physical properties of 3d-ions in complexes with a different symmetry: an effective nuclear charge approximation (Number of comments: 0)
M13 Formation conditions of native copper mineralization in volcanites of trappean formation within western Volyn (Number of comments: 7)
M14 Martensitic transformation in the non-stoichiometric intermetallic compound Ti3Sn and its mechanical behaviour (Number of comments: 0)
M15 Creation of modern highly efficient cBN cutting tools with a protective coating (Number of comments: 21)
M16 Methods for evaluation of efficiency of structural elements of power equipment in hydrogenation (Number of comments: 0)
M18 Dispersions of nanoparticles in liquid crystals for new functional materials (Number of comments: 12)
M19 Prospective Pulsed Technologies of Obtainment of Wear-Resistant Metal-Matrix Composites (Number of comments: 8)
M20 Development of scientific and technical bases of thermomechanical processing of steels using various principles of micro-alloying with boron (Number of comments: 18)
M21 Metrology of thermoelectric materials (Number of comments: 8)
M23 Cooling of proton and antiproton beams by a magnetized electron gas with anisotropic temperature (Number of comments: 1)
M25 Inorganic nanocrystals with controlled optical properties for engineering and biomedical applications (Number of comments: 25)
M38 Information technology of processing experimental measurements in problem of nondestructive testing rocket and space equipment (Number of comments: 0)
M39 Informational technologies of data transferring for cybercrime fighting (Number of comments: 22)
M40 Computer modeling of contact interaction between elastic bodies by combined adaptive numerical schemes (Number of comments: 14)
M41 Comprehensive corrosion protection of metal fund of Ukraine (Number of comments: 30)
M42 Conception of Rationale Usage of Traditional Motor Fuels and Introduction of Alternative Motor Fuels (Number of comments: 0)
M43 Membrane mechanisms of nucleation and toxic action of protein aggregates involved in the development of conformational diseases (Number of comments: 21)
M44 Scientific substantiation of development the technology of thin coal seams extraction with underground gasification (Number of comments: 13)
M45 Nonlinear deformation and buckling of axially compressed cylindrical shells with essentially non-uniform stress-strain state (Number of comments: 11)
M46 Novel design and technology solutions for high-performance military and civil use machines at impact interaction (Number of comments: 14)
M48 Development of new computational techniques for research into processes of metal plastic deformation and resource-saving technologies for production of precision and large parts (Number of comments: 17)
M49 Development of epoxy nanocomposites with improved typological characteristics for military equipment, oil and gas transportation industry (Number of comments: 5)
M50 Rocks’ destruction with combined explosive-mechanical means (Number of comments: 0)
M51 Stabilization of the rotation axis of satellites and spacecraft passive autobalancing (Number of comments: 0)
M52 The development of new super-hard ceramic materials for application in extreme conditions (Number of comments: 25)
M54 The regulation of solid-state structural transformations in high-chromium complex-alloyed cast irons with the object to improve their properties (Number of comments: 0)
M55 The physical properties of the pramagnetic nitrogen donors in the silicon carbide monocrystalls and nanopowders (Number of comments: 7)
M56 Physical systems and their evolution from the Planck scale up to the scale of the Universe (Number of comments: 28)
M57 Qualitative analysis and numerical methods for hereditary systems (Number of comments: 23)
M60 Fenomenological model аnd experimental laws a of palladium plate form changing during saturation with hydrogen (Number of comments: 0)
M65 Plasma and plasma-catalytic reforming of hydrocarbons into synthesis gas (Number of comments: 9)
M78 Constructions for energy efficient restoration of building, suffered by emergencies (Number of comments: 14)
M79 Innovative solutions for railway transport to minimize the risk of emergencies and increasing energy efficiency on the ways with different track gauge (Number of comments: 3)
M81 Scientific and practical principles of creation and implementation of volume and flow rate gas standards of a new generation (Number of comments: 0)
Number Title of work Presentation
M12 Living conditions of population in large cities of Ukraine: socio-geographical research (Number of comments: 5)
M22 The pyrolysis of hydrocarbon gases in the electrothermal fluidised bed (Number of comments: 1)
M31 Methods of environmental management estuaries northwest black sea region (Number of comments: 0)
M47 Improving the safety of the reactor plant with a VVER-1000 by improving the emergency feedwater pump drives technological equipment (Number of comments: 0)
M53 Modern active power filters and switchmode power supplies with power factor correction (Number of comments: 0)
M58 The maximum runoff of rain floods in the carpathian region (precarpathiаn) (Number of comments: 18)
M59 Efficiency improvement of energy supply to end users by means of self-regulation (Number of comments: 14)
M69 Scientific basis of conservation and functioning of parks as centers of cultural, historical and scientific heritage (Number of comments: 19)
Number Title of work Presentation
M4 Metalorganic complexes – antioxidants with nephronprotective effect (Number of comments: 9)
M5 Нові методи діагностики та лікування хворих з кістозною патологією підшлункової залози (Number of comments: 15)
M17 Aromaticity and conformational flexibility of six-membered rings: influence of heteroatoms and substituents (Number of comments: 3)
M24 Role of brassinosteroids in formation of second messangers in the regulation of plant metabolism adaptation (Number of comments: 15)
M26 Signal networks involved in the development of cancer stem cells’ phenotype: role of adapter proteins and design of nanomaterials-based anticancer therapy (Number of comments: 6)
M27 New ways of сardioprotection in hypertension and aging (Number of comments: 7)
M28 Bacteriophages of phytopathogenic and commercial strains of enterobacteria: chracteristics of the virus-host interactions, phage genomics and virion morphogenesis (Number of comments: 17)
M29 Metabolic engineering for construction of efficient yeast strains producing biologically active substances and biofuels (Number of comments: 9)
M30 Developing of ways to improve the sustainability of soybean legume-rhyzobial symbiosis to drought (Number of comments: 5)
M35 Clinical, radiological, immunological and genetic peculiarities of pulmonary tuberculosis relapse (Number of comments: 20)
M36 Diagnosing and treatment of the ischemic heart disease with diastolic dysfunction of the myocardium in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Number of comments: 1)
M37 Severe community-acquired pneumonia of different etiology: clinical, differential diagnostic and prognostic criteria (Number of comments: 0)
M61 Biological properties of stem cells of animals and the prospects of their using in veterinary medicine (Number of comments: 4)
M62 Ecological-physiologic, molecular-genetic and biotechnological foundations of conservation and restoration of floral diversity (for example, the genus Gentiana L.) (Number of comments: 21)
M63 Technology basics of heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of acrylic monomers by aldol condensation method (Number of comments: 9)
M64 Pathogenesis and new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases of the digestive system (Number of comments: 10)
M66 The optimization strategy of functional parameters to chalcogenide and chalcohalide materials (Number of comments: 6)
M67 Structure of systems Al-TM-Si (TМ - Fe, Co, Ni) in liquid and amorphous-crystal state (Number of comments: 2)
M80 The role of genetic predisposition and infectious agents in the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in miners (Number of comments: 0)
Number Title of work Presentation
M1 German-speaking catholic thought in the second half of 20th century (Number of comments: 11)
M3 Formation competitive strategies of commercial enterprises (Number of comments: 10)
M6 Rule-making activities of the executive power in Ukraine: legal content and problematic issues (Number of comments: 16)
M32 Formation of organizational-economic provision for public-private partnership development (Number of comments: 0)
M33 Legal regulation of government procurement (Number of comments: 0)
M34 Problems of child labour in the modernization of the socio-economic sphere of Ukraine (Number of comments: 41)
M68 Population of the Hetman State of the XVIIIth century: social and demographic history (Number of comments: 8)
M70 Scientific societies in Ukraine of the ХІХth – early ХХth centuries: polylogue of the scientists and eras: monograph. (Number of comments: 12)
M71 Synthetic Images in Pavlo Tychuna’s Poetic Work and Strategies for their English Translation (Number of comments: 5)
M72 Theoretical and legal issues of protection, using and reproduction of flora of Ukraine (Number of comments: 20)
M73 Philosophical Mode of the General Management Theory (Number of comments: 31)
M74 Fair in the system of ukrainians’ traditional culture (second half of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries) (Number of comments: 0)
M76 The revival of meat and dairy industry in the agricultural enterprices in the context of national food security (Number of comments: 22)
M85 Innovative technologies in forensic ballistics (Number of comments: 28)
M86 The counteraction crimes in the sphere of public procurement (Number of comments: 22)
Number Title of work Presentation
M75 The influence of paratypic and genotypic factors on the productive qualities of pigs of different genoty (Number of comments: 0)
M77 Selection value of the gene pool of tobacco with seed production (Number of comments: 0)
M82 Evalution of co2 emission from chernozems in the context of rational use of soil resources (Number of comments: 28)
M83 System of cattle dairy breeds gene pool complex improvement on the high-quality signs of the dairy productivity and resistance (Number of comments: 25)
M84 Adaptive methods of stabilizing and increasing the productivity of spring crops in conditions of insufficient moisture (Number of comments: 0)