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The optimization strategy of functional parameters to chalcogenide and chalcohalide materials

Work number - M 66 AWARDED

Authors: Malakhovska T.O., Filep M.J., Pogodin A.I.


The scientific paper submitted for the award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists by the State higher educational establishment, «Uzhhorod National University»

The scientific paper «The optimization strategy of functional parameters to chalcogenide and chalcohalide materials» is dedicated to actual problem of modern inorganic materials science: the search of new and improvement the parameters of the known functional materials to further use as working elements for electronic technology (solid-state ionics, devices based on thermoelectric and nonlinear optical properties).

In the scientific paper was established the correlation «structure– property»in the studiedmulticomponent systems (Tl–Sn(Pb)–X, Tl2X–SnX–PbX, Tl2X+Sn(Pb)X'↔Tl2X'+Sn(Pb)X (X, X' - S, Se, Te, X≠X'), CuI–CsI–RbI andCu2S–CuHal(Hal–Br, I)–P2S5), which is an importantaspect in the searching and obtaining materials with controlled and predictable set of properties.

As a result of theresearch were obtained qualitative single crystal samples of the complexcompoundsTl4SnS3(Sе3, Tе3), Tl4PbSе3(Те3), Tl4SnS4, Tl2SnS3, Cu6PS5I(Br), Cu7PS6and solid solutionsbased on them. Studying of the thermoelectric and nonlinear optical properties for the chalcogenide single crystals and investigations of the properties for the electrodes based on chalcohalidesingle crystalsin the copper-containing solutions were carried out.

From a practical perspective,the obtained results allow creations of the thermoelectric elements, frequency multipliers of the laser radiation, copper-selective electrodes and solid-stateelectrolyticenergy sources based on researched materials.

The totalnumber of authors’ publications: 104, including the topic of the scientific work is 81, of which 30 articles in professional journals, 10 articles in leading scientific journals of other countries what are included to the scientometric databases; the novelty and competitive technical solutions are protected by 12 patents of Ukraine.