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Innovative technologies in forensic ballistics

Work number - M 85 AWARDED

аuthor: Vitaliy Areshonkov

Presented by the National Academy of Internal Affairs.

The cycle of scientific studies "Innovative technologies in forensic ballistics" consists of 41 scientific works, including 9 scientific articles (one is in foreign journals), 2 patents of Ukraine - an invention and utility model, copyright certificates Education of Ukraine on the original forensic technique, 21 thesis  at scientific conferences and seminars (including international),  author's summary for the degree of candidate of law, reference book, dictionaries, textbooks in 2 books, educational and practical guide.

According to search engine, which indexes the text of scientific publications, the total number of citations of scientific papers Areshonkov V., which are part of the cycle is 8 citations, h-index is equal to 2.

The purpose of The cycle of scientific studies is to improve theoretical, instrumental and methodological principles of judicial ballistics, and on this basis to develop practical recommendations for using of innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of forensic ballistic examination and research.

Scientific novelty of the results is consists in holding, for the first time in native science, complex scientific research of innovative technologies in forensic ballistics with the definition of perspective directions of its applications to address specific expert tasks and develop some practical recommendations within each area, and also developed and tested a unique laser marking technology barrels smooth inner surface of firearms to ensure its subsequent identification and establishment of separate collection traces of such weapons within the ballistic forensic accounting.

The results of the cycle of scientific studies are important for: practice, because of proposed recommendations which improves efficiency forensic ballistic examination and research, and also conducting individual investigations and as the result positive impact on the prevention, detection and investigation of crimes related to firearms; science, after conducting research allowed to add new data of footprints theory and the theory of identification, summarize and supplement certain provisions of the theoretical basis of forensic ballistics, offer a new kind of ballistic collections account; educational activities, as most studies included in the cycle used since 2006 in education at training expert and investigative expertise.