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Physical systems and their evolution from the Planck scale up to the scale of the Universe

Work number - M 56 AWARDED

StetskoM. M., SergijenkoO. M., KuzmakA. R, GnatenkoKh.P.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Applied for the award of the President of Ukraine


          Theseriesof scientific works consists of 27papers which were published during 9 years.

The basis for quantum gates has been created, namely the evolution of spin systems which are fundamental for the quantum computer register has been examined. The problem of optimal evolution of classical systems has been studied.  Some fundamental results in quantum mechanics and cosmology have been obtained. In particular, the influence of Planck scale effects on properties of one- and many-particle systems in a space with deformed commutation relations has been investigated. The influence of the minimal length on thermodynamics of the Schwarzschild black hole has been studied.A scalar field with barotropic equation of state was proposed as the model of dark energy, the properties of such a field were studied.

On the basis of results of investigation of the evolution of spin systems the conditions for realization of quantum gates have been obtained. Some fundamental problems connected with the influence of Planck scale effects on the properties of physical systems have been solved. The estimations of the value of the quantum of space have been improved. The constraints on parameters of cosmological models with the dynamical dark energy with barotropic equation of state were put by the comparison of theoretical predictions with corresponding observational data.

New approaches for the investigation of physical systems properties caused by the influence of Planck scale effects, namely modified perturbation theory, as well as for the estimation of distinguishability of the dark energy models have been suggested.

The authors of the work have considered new problems related to the solution of fundamental problems in a quantized space and to the study of composite spectra of quasars, new methods of realization of quantum calculations have been suggested.

The results of the work are important for the development of quantum informatics, realization of quantum computers, treatment of experimental results with high accuracy, physical cosmology and reduction of the observational data of extragalactic astronomy.

The results of the investigation are presented in __27__papers (namely __19_  papers published in foreign journals), _74__ conference materials. Thepapersoftheauthorsarecitedinmorethan__28___ scientific journals, the total number of citations of the papers is__204__ (according to theScopus),hndex =_10_. The total number of publications of the authors is 147.