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Conception of Rationale Usage of Traditional Motor Fuels and Introduction of Alternative Motor Fuels



TrofimovI.L., CherniakL.M., ShkilniukI.O., LychmanenkoO.G.

Represented by the National Aviation University

In this paper the important scientific-technical problem of improving the efficiency of motor fuels by preventing losses from evaporation during their transportation and storage is resolved.

The scientific basis for the rational use of reasonable lubricants and receive an additional source of energy for vehicles through prevention of losses from evaporation and increase efficiency of the integrated use of fuels with simultaneous reduction of human impacts on the environment.

The concept of energy saving during transportation and storage of motor fuels, based on the systematization of years of theoretical and experimental studies and experiences of domestic and foreign scientific and industrial communities, created major scientific and patent work, but also a constant search for the most effective ways of solving problems.

Developed systems for drying of fuels and lubricants neutral gas, which belongs to the technologies and recovery of hydrocarbons and can be, used in all industries those use liquid fuel and motor oil, as well as in the field of environmental protection atmospheric environment. Developed adsorption system capture volatile fractions of fuel during storage and the technological operations with fuel. That improves the efficiency of hydrocarbon vapor absorption petroleum products into the atmosphere, up to 96%. Also, the computer program "Monitoring of actual losses fuels" that allows you to record any type of losses during storage and the technological operations with fuel. The formulations of motor fuels with aliphatic alcohols are developed and approved.

The results of research on the topic of work set out in 13 (including 2 foreign journals), 16 theses reports. Total number of authors scientific articles, particularly in international journals containing in the database SCOPUS - 36. The overall index of citing papers candidates are: I. Trofimov (SCOPUS - 1-0-0, Google Scholar - 30-7-2), L. Cherniak (SCOPUS - 1-0-0, Google Scholar - 37-10-2), I. Shkilnyuk (SCOPUS - 1-0-0), O. Lychmanenko (SCOPUS – 0-0-0, Google Scholar – 0-0-0). The theme of this scientific work is represented in 5 patents.

The total number of publications of authors: 200.