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Rocks’ destruction with combined explosive-mechanical means

Work number - M 50 FILED

P. А. Gontar

Instituteof EnergySaving and Energy Management, NTUU«KPI».


The scientific work is dedicated to developing new energy-saving explosive-mechanical method of rock destruction with controlled cumulative explosive projectile. The goal is to decrease of specific energy consumption on rocks destruction with explosive-mechanical means due to its weakening with inserted technological fractures in addition to natural one. Scientific novelty is in weakening of rocks on 28…37 % inserting technological fractures with controlled influence of cumulative explosive projectile for specific energy consumption decreasing. Scientifical-technical problem current work is about to solve was chosen according to analysis of Energy strategy of Ukraine on the period to 2035 year.

For analytical and experimental researches power consumption of explosive-mechanical rock destruction due to addition included technological fractures with natural one was chosen as a criterion of optimization. The mathematical model of energy consumption of rock destruction which allows to include parameters of explosive-mechanical stressing and complex of natural and included technological fractures influence have been developed. Experimentally investigated cumulative explosion projectile quantity influence on elastic properties of rock. Change of elastic properties was defined by value of ultrasonic waves speed and Young’s modulus.

The full-sized experimental stand of explosive-mechanical rock destruction with cumulative explosive projectile was created. The stand allowed to determine dependences of rock destruction energy consumption from cumulative explosion projectile stressing quantity and temperature of explosion. Decreasing of granite destruction energy consumption was proved by the act of proposed method implementation in technological process of «Davidivskiy grankar'er». It was reached the reducing of granite destruction specific energy consumption from 201 kW·h/m3to 188 kW·h/m3by explosive-mechanical method due to addition included technological fractures to natural one with cumulative explosion projectile.

Results of the work were published in 12 scientific papers, including 6 in professional editions of Ukraine, and also the patent on invention of Ukraine was received.