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Development of new computational techniques for research into processes of metal plastic deformation and resource-saving technologies for production of precision and large parts

Work number - M 48 AWARDED

Aliieva L.I., Zhbankov I.G.

DonbassState Engineering Academy

The goal of the workis enhancement of technical-economical parameters of processes for production of precision and large manufactured parts on the basis of development of scientific foundations for processes of plastic deformation and improvement of technological schemes and regimes of open die and closed die forging.

Prime scientific novelty and the practical significance of derived results:

The prime scientific significance of the work is focused into creation and development of new computational techniques for processes of plastic deformation for metals and alloys. This work has proposed the new method for computation of metal plasticity recovery in pauses during hot deformation which provides the possibility for calculation of limit change of form of workpiece for technological processes of forging and stamping with complex kinematic action of die tools. The new method for building of plastic flow curves for metal according to standard reference data for metal mechanical characteristics (ultimate stress limits and yield stress) has been developed. The new method for computation of damage accumulation within metal during cold plastic deformation has been developed. The method for computation of microstructure evolution within metal during hot plastic deformation was adapted.

The new methods and schemes of forging and stamping which were proposed in this work have been successfully industrially tested at PJSC “NKMZ”, PJSC “Energomashspetsstal”, PJSC “Dneprospetsstal”, JSC “Motor Sich”, PJSC “Finprofile”, PJSC “DMZ”, PJSC “AZOTSM”, JSC “Ruspolimet”.

Industrial implementation of derived results of the work has enabled the reduction of specific amount of metal needed for manufacturing of large-size and precision products in some cases at 30%, the reduction of reject rate during production of articles like steel shafts manufactured from specialized carbide steel at 25%, and significant increase of tool strength and tool life at 40%. The total economic effect from the industrial implementation these developments amounted to UAH 3220 thousand.

Published results:The materials of scientific work were published at 188 works, among them10 articles were published in the international referred scientific Scopus-indexed journals (7 articles were published in WoS-indexed journals with impact factor JCR), 45 articles were published in foreign journals, 54 articles were published in Ukrainian HCC recommended journals. Materials of the work were also published in 1 study guide endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, in 2 collective monographs, and in1 textbook. The new technical solutions are protected with 33 patents of Ukraine. The Scopus-based values of science citation index (h-index) are as follows: h-index for Aliieva L.I. is 0, h-index for Zhbankov I.G. is 4.