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Clinical, radiological, immunological and genetic peculiarities of pulmonary tuberculosis relapse

Work number - M 35 AWARDED

Author: Butov D.O., MD, Ph.D.

Presented by Kharkiv National Medical University


Аseriesof the workincludes29articles, 2 information letters, 4 patents and 52 abstracts publishedfor 5 years.

The cycle ofscientific works includes priority results that are devoted to the actual problemof increasing the effectiveness of forecast, optimization of diagnostics and prevention the relapse of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

The new approachesto increase the effectiveness of forecast, optimization of diagnostics and prevention the relapse of pulmonary TB by assessment of modeling impact of gene polymorphism of cytokines and C-reactive protein, clinical, radiological and immunological peculiarities of specific process.

Obtainedfundamentals of the results which indicatefor relapse of pulmonary TB in infiltrative form with the same prevalence of specific process there is more typical severe clinical course, expressed excretion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, often observed toxic side effects to anti-TB drugs and resistant forms of TB; there are also multiple, formed, large and medium-sized cavity decays on the background of serious immunopathological and biochemical changes in the blood than at newly diagnosed pulmonary TB. In addition at relapse and multidrug-resistant pulmonaryTB there has been more occurred common heterozygous genotype of polymorphism T330G gene IL-2, C589T – IL-4, G1082A – IL-10 and C3872T – C-reactive protein than in patients with newly diagnosed and sensitive to anti-TB drugs pulmonary TB.

The basisfor the appointment of pathogenetic therapy of patients with relapsed and multidrug-resistant pulmonaryTBthat includes stabilizationprooxidant-antioxidant and immune system at specific inflammation.

Createdauthor of the new study nontraditional topics immunogenetic peculiarities relapseandmultidrug-resistant pulmonaryTB.

Resultsinclude a series scientific works in medicine, namely for phthisiology.

Results of researchon the topic work are provided in 87scientific works: 29 articles (8 in foreign journals),  52 abstracts (28 in foreign editions), 2 information letters. There were obtained 4 patents and 22 acts of introduction.

Number of publications on the authoris 152.

Author's works cited in 34 scientific journals, the total number of references to the publication of the author is 46 (according to the database Scopus (ID: 55328278500, ID: 35483375100, ID: 56193956700)), h-index = 6.