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Scientific and practical principles of creation and implementation of volume and flow rate gas standards of a new generation

Work number - M 81 AWARDED


Rak A.M., Shchupak I.V.

Presentedby the State enterprise “All-Ukrainian research and production center for standardization, metrology, certification and consumer’s rights protection"
(SE "Ukrmetrteststandard").

The scientific principles of design and methodology of metrological assurance of measuring instruments was developed and scientifically grounded system of views on the errors sources of instruments realizing natural gas volume and volume flow rate was established in the work.

For the first time mathematical model which makes possible to estimate the measurement uncertainty of combined operational principle bell prover was created and on the base of this model the normative documents for calibration and metrology research of such type provers were formed.The new method of evaluation of bell geometric parameters and uncertainty of the obtained results based on coordinate array of points  located on its inner surface was proposed. Evaluation procedure for stability of volumetric flow realization by the reference gas provers was developed.

Reference bell prover of combined operational principle (hereinafter – RBP) was developed and put into operation. Its technical and metrological researches have been carried out and on the base of obtained results RBP of combined operational principle was certified as a secondary standard of Ukraine and put into the Register of secondary standards of Ukraine under the code VETU 03-02- 01-15.

High metrological characteristics of RBP obtained during researches that were confirmed by the results of comparisons with the State primary standard of volume and volumetric flow rate of gas units DETU 01-03-15 as well as methodical document of metrology MDU 044 / 03-2015 based on the ground of the developed mathematical model of measurement indicate the scientific significance of the project.

The general fundamentals and results of research were reported and discussed at 6 international and national scientific conferences, including the 17th International Congress of Metrology CIM 2015 (Paris, France) and presented by the authors in 11 scientific works, in particular 2 articles in leading professional journals, 6 reports on scientific conferences.

Novelty and competitive of technical solutions were patented in Ukraine and protected by two applications for invention.

The economic effect of implementation of secondary standard is based on the optimization of energy consumption and minimization of labor costs by automating measuring process as well as on significant increasing of nomenclature of measuring instruments to be, metrologically assured by RBP of combined operational principle.