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Improving the safety of the reactor plant with a VVER-1000 by improving the emergency feedwater pump drives technological equipment

Work number - M 47 FILED

Research is executed at the Odessa National Polytechnic University

The aim of research is to improve the safety of typical Ukrainian NPP reactor units with VVER-1000 by improving the emergency feedwater pump drives heat and mass transfer equipment for process fluids backup use in the full electric power failure unit.

Scientific novelty and practical significance of the results is as follows. For the first time offered to science-based solution to enhance safety of the reactor plant with a VVER-1000 through the use of new electro Independent enhanced combined turbine drive feeding pumps, where the composite element, the upstream blade turbine as part of turbine drive, use friction-vortex turbine which eliminates in emergency run the unit from shock of wet steam and condensate that can build up in the steam lines. On the basis of experimental data obtained for the first time investigated the properties of friction-booster vortex turbine systems reserve replenishment process reactor equipment and the analysis of their starting characteristics, identify opportunities to optimize start performance of these devices. The new layout of the circuits feeding the process equipment with additional backup electric independent drive charge pump, which ensures reliable heat transfer in appropriate equipment unit, as well as the possibility of a backup supply emergency reserve of boric acid solution in the water of the reactor circuit to reduce the risk of reactivity accidents due to temperature effects of reactivity, in full electric blackout emergency power unit. According to the results of scientific research and technological development of Ukraine received patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs.

According to the results of research published 37 publications, namely, 2 monographs, 12 articles in specialized scientific journals recommended by the MES, 5 of which are recorded in scientometric databases, including 2 – in SCOPUS, 6 publishing reports and theses presentations at international and national scientific conferences on the profile of the work, 2 – in other publications of scientific and technological profile. In addition –15 publications in the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute" (in the patented technical solutions). The total number of references to: 15.