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Managing the dynamics of electromagnetic excitations in superconducting and magnetic nanostructures with complex geometry

Work number - M 10 AWARDED

Authors: KravchukV.P., VolkovO.M., PopovM.O., StarodubI.O.

Presented by BogolyubovInstitute for Theoretical Physicsof NAS of Ukraine.

The series of works consists of 18 scientific papers published within 5 years. In this cycle of works general expression for the exchange energy of two-dimensional curved films and one-dimensional wires of arbitrary shape is received. It is shown that the curvature and torsion causes the appearing of effective anisotropy and interaction of  Dzyaloshinskii respectively in the exchange energy . The possibility of formation of vortex-antivortex metasubstance  in magnetic films under the influence of spin-polarized current: when a current density is close to the critical saturation value, appears a stable crystal with two square sublattices - vortex and antivortex. Magnetic eigen-excitations of ferromagnetic resonators in the form of an infinitely long cylinder or tube with elliptical cross-section were analytically investigated and a good agreement between these results and experimental data for nanotubes and nanocylinders was demonstrated. The high-frequency magnetoelectric effect in composite nanostructures with complex geometry, which consisted of mechanically coupled ferromagnetic and ferroelectric phases, was experimentally studied.A spectral density function of radiated energy that results from the interaction of soliton with spatial inhomogeneities in two-dimensional Josephson junction is found. Total radiated energy dependence on the speed of soliton is constructed. The dependence of  threshold current of soliton pinning on defects from the width of contact is determined. The existence of embedded solitons moving without radiation at certain set of velocities in discrete media is proved.

The results of research on the subjectof work publishedin 18 papersin scientific journals, including 15 in foreign journals. Thesepapershas been cited in more than 40 scientific journals, the total citation index of publications on the theme of workis49 (according to database SCOPUS), h-index = 4.Total number of authors publications in scientific journals - 88, in conference materials - 109, total index of authors citing in the database SCOPUS - 397.