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Rule-making activities of the executive power in Ukraine: legal content and problematic issues

Work number - M 6 AWARDED

Author: Hetman E.A.

Presented the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine.

The foundations of the conceptual apparatus issues and formulated a definition of "rule-making bodies of executive power", "law-making functions of the executive power", "subordinate normative legal act."

A number of fundamental results of the study content rule-making bodies of the executive power in Ukraine

The book contains the results of the priority areas for further improvement of regulatory rulemaking bodies of executive power in Ukraine.

New approaches aimed at improving the draft Law of Ukraine "On normative legal acts".

The author carried out production of new non-traditional tasks and proposed the concept of further reform of the legal regulation of norm-setting activities of the executive power in Ukraine, which can become part of the concept of administrative reform and change priorities in this area.

monograph results have implications for the development of modern scientific views on the rule-making bodies of executive power, and can be used in the research field, in law-making, in the law enforcement process and in the educational process.

The results of studies on the subject are set out in 25 articles, 10 abstracts.