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Prospective Pulsed Technologies of Obtainment of Wear-Resistant Metal-Matrix Composites

Work number - M 19 FILED

Authors:  Zaichenko A.D., Torpakov A.S., Lypian. Y. V.

Proposed by Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

A series of works consists from 42 papers (14 articles in refereed journals, among which 6 are in international journals, 4 patents of Ukraine, 24 abstracts of reports of international scientific conferences) during 6 years.

The aimof presented work is the obtainment of highly wear-resistant metal-matrix composites by utilization of processes of powder blend dispersion, synthesis of hard phases during treatment of elemental powders mixtures by high voltage electric discharge in kerosene and structure formation of Fe–Ti–C–(B) system composite during spark-plasma sintering.

Basics for further development of pulsed discharge technology in powder metallurgy in section of metal-matrix composites obtainment are created.

A series of fundamental results is obtained, which consist in determination of effective regimes of high voltage electric discharge treatment that ensure intensive dispersion and phase formation of blend components. And selected regimes of consolidation ensure fine grain structure and high values of strength, hardness and wear resistance.

A series of works contains priority results, which disclose processes that occur during high voltage electric discharge in “powder – kerosene” disperse system and the processes of spark-plasma sintering of powder blend, based on Fe, under pressure.

A new approaches for preparation of powder blend with method of high voltage electric discharge treatment in liquid are proposed.

Authors performed setting of new unconventional goals for research of high-speed processes and their adaptation for production of metal-matrix composites.

Results of the series are important for modern machine-building, theoretical and applied materials science.

Results of researches on present work subject are presented in 14 articles (6 of which are in international journals) and 24 abstracts of reports of international scientific conferences. Authors papers are cited in more than 3 scientific journals, total number of authors papers citations is 3 (according to Scopus database), h-index=1.

4 patents of Ukraine are awarded.


Total number of authors publication – 89.