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Methods of environmental management estuaries northwest black sea region


Author: EV Sokolov

State «Institute of Marine Biology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine».

The purpose of the work is to develop indicators and algorithm holistic assessment of natural and anthropogenic components of ecosystems estuaries northwestern Black Sea for use in the monitoring and management with a view to restoring and maintaining sustainable hydroecological state.

According to the principles of the EU Water Framework Directive, an algorithm integrated assessment and the development of new indices for determining the stability of the natural, intensity hydrobiological processes, anthropogenic transformation of the natural environment and implement priority environmental restoration activities hydroecological state. Designed typing (classification) ecosystems estuaries northwestern Black Sea on the basis of cluster analysis (joint account) and hydro dimensional features. Determining the ability of estuary ecosystems to resist anthropogenic influence, the features of the autotrophic process in recent years, shows the assessment of anthropogenic load on ecosystems of Dofinovskiy, Grigorievskiy Tiligulskiy estuaries.

The developed method allows to determine the most adverse environmental processes in the estuary ecosystems, in accordance with which to prepare priority management activities. This approach allows us to achieve maximum environmental benefits with minimum material costs and can be used for the purpose of integrated monitoring, as well as to address a number of applications related to possible permissible anthropogenic pressure and volume of use of biological resources estuaries northwestern Black Sea.

The cycle of scientific works different interdisciplinary approach and the use of a wide range of methods of quantitative hydroecology, morphological and functional assessment of aquatic vegetation, hydrochemistry, hydrology, landscape ecology and GIS technologies aimed at a comprehensive solution of important problems of hydro-biological. Representativeness and accuracy of the results obtained in the work supported by the use of long-term database with the values of certain «In situ» and using data from satellite imagery.

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