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Physical properties of 3d-ions in complexes with a different symmetry: an effective nuclear charge approximation


Author: Babkin R. Yu.


The paper demonstrates the effectiveness of using a modified crystal field theory for electronic spectra of spin and orbital states calculations for 3d-metal ions placed in crystal field with a random symmetry.

The results that were obtained in the paper can be used to analyze the spin and orbital states of 3d-ions, as well as to interpret or to predict experimental results of electron paramagnetic resonance and the magnetic susceptibility temperature dependences study.

The results of this work are of interest to create compounds based on transition metal ions with predetermined properties that can be used in various fields of molecular electronics.

The paper first proposed methods of determining the effective nuclear charge of a 3d-ion, located in the crystal matrix of arbitrary symmetry based on experiments with electron paramagnetic resonance and experimental temperature dependences of magnetic susceptibility.

The work was made in collaboration with foreign research institutes and leading laboratories, including the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, Technical University of Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany; Center for Artificial Low Dimensional Electronic Systems, Institute for Basic Science and Department of Physics, Pohang, Korea; Texas Department of Chemistry and Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA and others. R & D is due to the growing global interest in the use of complex compounds of transition 3d-ions that undergo spin and orbital transitions as active elements of memory devices, optical switches, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and others.

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