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Adaptive methods of stabilizing and increasing the productivity of spring crops in conditions of insufficient moisture

Work number - M 84 FILED

Vinyukov O.O.

The thesis presents the results of studies on the characteristics of agrobiological features of  increasing the drought resistance and productivity of spring cereals in conditions of insufficient moisture.

It is established that the root application of organic fertilizer      biohumus in growing spring cereals contributes of productive moisture accumulation in the soil layer 0-20 cm by 18,9% over the control variant, and 28,3% –over the variant of using the mineral fertilizers. The most efficient work of the root system is observed when using the drug Aydar because the penetration depth of the root system has increased compared with controls by 8,5 cm, and the weight of the roots towards the overground part was 19,8%, whereas in the control group – 21,3%.

When growing spring barley crop provides the greatest increase the use of growth regulators for seed treatment and spraying three crops: microfertilizer Reakom Plus – 0,47 t / ha, biofertilizers Aydar – 0,51 t / ha, biologic albite – 0,55 t / ha. When using organic fertilizer and growth bioregulator obtained yields that exceeded the control variant without fertilizers 0,59 t / ha. The combined use of organic fertilizer and growth regulator for growing spring wheat yielded yield increase over the control (without fertilizer) 0,32 t / ha.

The highest level of profitability in growing spring barley (151,8 % and 150,3 %) was at the use of biofertilizer aidar for spraying crops in a phase of tillering and seed treatment with three crop spraying. At the application of biological elements in growing spring wheat was obtained reducing the cost of 1 t of grain for 63,8 USD, and increasing of net profit and profitability to 422 UAH/ha and 11,7 %, respectively, compared with a control variant.

The results are realized in farms of northern Steppe of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk regions) on a total area of 15345 hectares.

The introduction of technological elements developed for growing spring crops in the farms of Donetsk and Lugansk regions allowed us to obtain an average yield increase of 0,53 t / ha, increased the profitability of spring barley growing on average by 52,4%.