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Development of scientific and technical bases of thermomechanical processing of steels using various principles of micro-alloying with boron

Work number - M 20 AWARDED

Authors:Parusov E. V., Chuiko I. M., Sahura L. V.

Represented by:  NekrasovInstituteofFerrousMetallurgyofNationalacademyofsciencesofUkraine, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine.

The series of research papers consists of  2 monographs and 44 research articles published during 11 years.

The goal of the research paper is to develop production conditions for thermomechanical treatment and chemical composition of boron-containing wire rod for manufacturing of high-strength metal wire for steel wire cord, PSC strands and springs, welding wires to enhance rolling ability of the wire rod, ensuring the required set of physical properties.

In the course of work, the chemical composition and methods of thermomechanical treatment of wire rod made of boron micro-alloyed high-carbon steels and welding steels alloyed with molybdenum, nickel, chromium, vanadium and other elements were developed. Using the methods of mathematical modelling and multi-factor optimization, the research paper reveals the impact of processing factors to the micro-structure, mechanical properties and processing ability of wire rod. The proposed scientific and technical approach ensure enhancing of rolling ability and cutting of costs due to saving of material and power resources in the course of manufacturing of wire rod and finished products from the wire rod.

The innovative nature of the scientific paper is revealed by the following facts. For the first time the scientifically grounded approach to micro-alloying of steels with boron was developed. It provides for enhancing of the rolling ability of the wire rods of wide range of grades. The paper studies the kinetics of austenite inversions under continuous cooling. Thermal kinetical diagrams of boron-containing steels of 80КРД, С80D2 and  Св-08ГНМgrades were established. The ratio between the quantitative values of perlite dispersion and other characteristics (such as strength parameters, depth of carbon-free layer and mass of heating furnace cinder)of the wire rod made of boron carbon steels was determined herein. The criteria to ensure direct rolling of welding wire rod from alloyed steels into the welding wires with diameters up to 2.0 mm were established in the papers.


the complete technology of manufacturing of wire rod with enhanced rolling ability made of boron steels of various purposes was developed and implemented in the facilities of “Moldova Steel Work”

PJSC;documentarystandardsformanufacturingofwirerodusingnewtechniquesweredeveloped; end-to-end sustainable and power saving processes are developed and implemented both in the domestic and foreign hardware manufacturing enterprises to produce high strength metal cord, PSC strands, springs and copper-coated welding wires.

The outcomes of the series of the research papers are of notable importance for the metallurgic industry of Ukraine.

The annual economic benefit caused by implementation of the work comprises USD 509 000and UAH 4 916 800.