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New ways of сardioprotection in hypertension and aging


Presented by the Institute of Physiology. O.O Bogomolets NAS

Authors: Dorofeyeva N.A.,Drachuk K.O.

A series of scientific work consists of 43 scientific papers published during 6 years. The purpose of this series of work was to study the role of mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and nitrosative stress, functional disorders of the heart and vessels in hypertension and aging and the use of new ways of cardioprotection to prevent these violations.  Fundamental results  is regarding the contribution of mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and nitrosative in the development of hypertension and aging. The basis for the correction of cardiac and vascular function in conditions of oxidative stress are  restoring the coupling  cNOS  and increasing de novo synthesis of nitric oxide. A series of scientific papers comprises priority results that combine physiological and biochemical mechanisms of the functioning of the cardiovascular system during aging, hypertension, physical exertion, etc..

New ways of correction of cardiac function  are use a physiological ( moderate physical activity) and pharmacological (with using hydrogen sulphide donor and EMAP II). The results of series have a great importance for practical medicine, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system in the elderly, accompanied myocardial dysfunction.

The results of research on the topic of work set out in Articles 21 (including 5 in foreign journals), 21 abstracts. Works cited authors in over 11 scientific journals, the general index of citing papers is 11 (according to the database Scopus), h-indek = 2. Posted 1 patent.

тotal number of authors publications: 82 publications