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Informational technologies of data transferring for cybercrime fighting

Work number - M 39 FILED

Slavko Olena Hennadiivna, Kostenko Pavlo Pavlovych

The complex problem of compensation of network traffic damage and structure and content of data packets of computer networks during cybercrime is solved in this work. This problem includes a wide range of scientific, theoretical and practical questions and aimed to improve the technical and economic efficiency of computer systems and networks exploitation. Theory of a controlled process local model has been further developed within this issue. This allowed to develop methods for identification of mathematical models parameters of processes of network data transmission, congestion control and buffer queues management in data networks, optimize the structure of queries to relational databases, intercept and analyze traffic content towards cybercrime threats. Software components packages and software for data process control in the information and communication systems have been developed. This control is provided through avoiding overloads as a result of DoS-, DDoS-attacks; minimization of a cybercrime impact in information systems; avoiding AdWare threats during Internet surfing on a base of WFP technology. The scientific results are incorporated in the software of traffic control of data network in Private Joint Stock Company Scientific Technical Center "Information Systems" in Kremenchug; in local computer network in Scientific and Production Company "AVIA" in Kremenchuk as a package of software components; a local information system Ltd. "Kremiks" in Kremenchug as a package of software components; in the educational process of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University during the lectures and laboratory training courses of "Computer Engineering" and "Computer systems and networks".