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Biological properties of stem cells of animals and the prospects of their using in veterinary medicine


Authors:Kharkevych I.,PriadchenkoV.


submitted for the award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists

The goal of this work istostudy the biological properties of animal stem cells during their preparation and culturing, and prospects for their use in veterinary medicine, particularly for treatment of animals with damaged articular cartilage and skin.

The novelty of the work is confirmed by 7patents for utility model, and its scientific significance lies in the fact that a group of authors confirmed the optimal conditions for obtainingofmesenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow of animals (rabbits, cats, dogs), selected the composition of the culture medium for their cultivation, leading to high proliferative activity, investigated the colony forming ability of mesenchymal stem cells of animals, explored the effect of mesenchymal stem cells on course of reparative chondrogenesis in articular cartilage of animals (rabbits), as well as in the skin (rats), studied the indicators of immune status of the recipient animals (rats) after injection of mesenchymal stem cells.

The results of the research ofthis work can be implemented in academic institutions studying the properties of stem cells as well as in clinical veterinary practice for treatment of animals with cartilage and skin damage that can not be treated withtraditional methods.

The results of this work are stated in 1 monograph, 10scientific papers, 8materials of scientific conferences, 7patents for utility model, 2 methodical recommendations.