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Нові методи діагностики та лікування хворих з кістозною патологією підшлункової залози

Work number - M 5 AWARDED

State institution “ShalimovNational Institute of Surgery and Transplantology” NAMS of Ukraine.


Based on the analysisof complex examination of patients with cystic lesions of the pancreasthe possibilities of visualization diagnostic methods weredefined and thealgorithm of contemporary morphological study using the methods of macroscopic, microscopic, histochemical and immunohistochemical studies was proposed.

Risk factors of postoperative mortality and early postoperative complications were determined; options of their prophylaxis were proposed.

For the first time vascular risk factors during pancreatic resections revealed by doplerography were established.

The efficiency of antecolic gastroduodenoenterostomy during pancreaticoduodenal resections for decrease of postoperative gastric empting was proved and potential causesof these complications were determined.

New methodsof surgery were worked out in order to reduce the number of early postoperative complications, severity of intraoperative blood loss, improve the quality of life of patients in the postoperative period.

Optimal algoritm of pancreatic resections performing, optimal techniques of reconstruction after pancreaticoduodenectomy according the results of scientific investigations were implemented.

For the first timein Ukraine, with the participation of the author laparoscopic distal pancreatic resection of the pancreas, laparoscopic cystojejunostomyand endoscopicsurgery under the control of endosonography were performed.

The cycle of scientific works consists of 56 scientific papers on the given topic, including 27 articles, 11 abstracts. Novelty and competitiveness is protected by 10 patents of Ukraine for inventions.