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Scientific societies in Ukraine of the ХІХth – early ХХth centuries: polylogue of the scientists and eras: monograph.

Work number - M 70 AWARDED

Author: Demuz I.O.

State higher educational establishment «Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky state pedagogical university named after Hrigory Skovoroda»


An important scientific problem, which involves clarifying the status, completeness and reliability of studying of different scientific societies’ history in Ukraine in the ХІХth–early ХХth centuries is solved in the work: the impact of objective and subjective factors on the direction of research, comparison of pre-Soviet, Soviet and post-Soviet historiography, as well as identifying of insufficiently studied issues and developing of recommendations on the further progress of the topic.

Scientific novelty of the results is shown in both problem formulation and comprehensive approach to its solution. The author for the first time conducted a comprehensive scientific study of historiography issues of scientific societies on the territory of Ukraine of the XIXth – early XXth centuries. In fact for the first time in Ukrainian historiography the attempt of complex historiography research of scientific societies’ activity of Ukraine of the given period in all scientific fields (humanitarian, natural, technical, medical, agricultural, etc.) was made. The possibility and feasibility of the scientific societies’ history studying in the context of institutional methodology was provided. This allowed considering multilevel (elements of different branches) elements of scientific ethos in a broad scientific context. An attempt of highlighting the work of these cells not in isolation but as an integral, specific phenomenon, as a new form of science organization, covered absolutely all scientific branches of that time was made.

In the monograph for the first time from the point of anthropologically oriented history and on the basis of science studies principles the appropriate literature was analyzed; historiographical sources on the problem were identified and systematized, heir information capabilities were characterized.

The contribution of many scholars in the study of the designated theme has been evaluated in a new way; major research emphases that prevailed in the history during the XIXth – early XXIstcenturies and directly influenced on the peculiarities creation of those works were characterized; a number of historiographical stereotypes in showing the activities of these research centers were explicated; analysis of individual researchers’ works was deepened; some latest scientific works that have not yet been the subject of historiographical understanding were considered for the first time; the directions for further research, which should fill the existing gaps in the national science, were defined.

The novelty of the monograph is determined by using of an interdisciplinary approach: the works of historians of natural sciences, medicine, physics and mathematics that deepen knowledge about the subject were included to the subject-object field of historiography.

The practical significance of the research results. The practical significance of the obtained results involves primarily their application in modeling the prospects of science development in Ukraine, as every aspect of reconsidered in terms of historiography historical experience might have creative application. The use of works and activity directions of free scientific associations, initiative and amateur scientific institutes of the previous period in the current scientific practice is possible. The work has a broad interdisciplinary range of applications, therefore despite the raised problems; it may interest historians and sociologists, science theorists, as well as educators, philosophers and other representatives of social and exact sciences.

Research results are reflected in one monograph, 38 articles, including publications in professional scientific editions of Ukraine, foreign editions, editions included in scientometrical databases (Index Copernicus(Poland), Google Scholar,Journals Impact Factor (JIFACTOR),Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), ResearchBib, RSCI, EBSCO, Philosophy Documentation Center, WorldCatetc).

The total number of the author’s publications: more than 80 scientific works on the history of Ukraine, historiography, the history of science and technology, local history as well as pedagogy.