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Selection value of the gene pool of tobacco with seed production

Work number - M 77 FILED

Sheidyk K. A.

State supreme scientific institution «Uzhgorod national university »

  Basic collection of 291 varieties, including data of botanical diversity, geographical origin, methods of creation, genealogies, satisfies European search directory of plant genetic resources and allows goal-seeking and effective filter material for high seed productivity breeding, coupled with economically-valuable signs. The main features affecting seed performance are separated; the limit characteristics of their hospitalities are set and varieties-patterns, with characteristic stable signs regardless of cultivation conditions are chosen. Seed production of tobacco depends on the shape and density of inflorescences and does not depend on the size and color of the flower and other features of structure of the flower and form of flower capsule. Spherical form of inflorescence provides high rates of seed production and quality. The material of base collection on the main features are ranged by the method of cluster analysis; the features of collection of the life-size of inflorescence, the ability to seed pullulation, the early and middle period of 50 % ripening seed capsules are separated. The feature collection of basic generative features in combination with the optimal indicators of vegetative mass is formed, including donor varieties with complex of characteristics: Sobolchskyy 3, Sobolchskyy 33, C −11, Burley 164, Ukrainsky 85, Sobolchskyy 186 and Virginia 115. With a very high yield of vegetative mass (more than 2.5 t / ha) in combination with optimal seed production is selected cultivar Burley (Burley 9, Burley 320 Bravyy 200, Burley belotsvetkovyy), cultivar Virginia (Virginia 115), cultivar Krupnolystyy (Mahorkovydnyy 28), cultivar Sobolchskyy (Sobolchskyy 33, Sobolchskyy 194, Symvol 4, Sobolchskyy 17 / 1), cultivar Ukrainsky (Ukrainsky 85, C −11), which can be used for the production of raw tobacco and in selection process for complex traits.

Work are presented in 23 scientific works , including 6 articles in professional journals, 1 article in foreign professional journal, 8 thesis, developed guidelines – 6, 1 State Standard of Ukrain and received 2 patents, 7 acts.