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Metrology of thermoelectric materials

Work number - M 21 AWARDED

Author: Lysko V.V.

The study covers the development of physical methods to improve the accuracy of measurements of the thermoelectric material properties and the creation on their basis measuring devices for both scientific and industrial applications.

New physical methods of improvement the measurement accuracy, obtained by technology of object-oriented computer simulation, are of theoretical value for creation of high-precision methods and equipment for measuring the thermoelectric material properties.

High-precision measurement systems for research of the properties of thermoelectric materials were developed, whose accuracy in determining of the thermoelectric figure of merit are 3 to 5 times higher than that of the well-known analogues, thus allowing their use for solving problems of  improving the  figure of merit of the thermoelectric materials.

Equipment for quality control of thermoelectric materials during manufacturing of thermoelectric energy converters was developed, the use of which improves the efficiency of thermoelectric modules by 8 to 15% and reduces the consumption of the thermoelectric material by ~ 10%.

The developed equipment for measuring parameters of thermoelectric materials delivered and introduced into the technological process of the companies of Ukraine, Germany, Taiwan, etc., which are engaged the development and manufacture of thermoelectric products.


The scientific work results are displayed in 14 articles. The novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 6 patents of Ukraine. Author citation index is 2 according to the Scopus data base. The artworks cited in more than 10 articles in scientific and applied scientific journals.