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Synthetic Images in Pavlo Tychuna’s Poetic Work and Strategies for their English Translation


Author: Foka M.V.

Presented by Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogial University

In the work the peculiarities of the interaction of word, music and painting in Pavlo Tychyna’s figurative world have been defined and the strategies for translation of Pavlo Tychyna’s synthetic images have been explored on the basis of M. Naydan, S. Komarnyckiy, W. Tkatch and W. Phipps. In particular, the recent research technologies based on the system theory of literary workand on the principles of receptive poetics that provide to expose the synthetic images in the adequate way have been worked; the interaction of word, music, an painting in P. Tychyna’s works has been investigated; musical and pictorial components of the poet’s creative thinking, that specify syncretism of the artist’s figurative world, have been pointed out; the context, in which P. Tychyna’s unique synthetic poetics was developed, has been viewed; a question of translation of synthetic images as an artistic translation problem has been considered; the methods for translation of literary and pictorial syncretism, literary and musical symbiosis, equivalents of linguistic units that convey the unities of word, music, and painting have been examined.

In the literary and translation studies the presented work opens new prospects and capability for the further research a number of problems that correlated with the synthesis of arts in literature, the strategies for translation of synthetic images.

The results of the research on the subject of a series of works have been represented in 2 monographs and 24 paperspublished for2007–2014.