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The counteraction crimes in the sphere of public procurement

Work number - M 86 FILED


Daragan V. V., Ph.D.

Presented by Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs.

The presented cycle of scientific works consists of 1 monograph, 19 scientific articles and 91 abstracts published during 2009-2015.

In this cycle of scientific papers the theoretical developments and practical recommendations of contraction to crimes in the sphere of public procurement are systematized. The important scientific and practical issues with counteraction crimes in the sphere of public procurement solved.

The scientific provisions concerning the system of measures aimed at reducing the level of corruption in public procurement in Ukraine are developed. The areas of documenting crimes in the sphere of public procurement allocated. The systems of factors influencing the state to counter corruption in public procurement at the national level are determined.

We have developed and implemented: the algorithm of actions aimed at the implementation of information about crimes in the sphere of public procurement related to failure or partial execution of the construction works; the organizational model of the inspection of construction projects in the pre-trial investigation of crimes related to the execution of construction contracts; organizational model and purpose of inspection of business entities operational units MIA.

Scientists at prestigious international conferences accept the significant number of research results.

The scientific significance of the work is that the scientific results can be the basis for further development of the problems of counteraction to crimes in the sphere of public procurement at national and international levels. The practical significance of the work is in the fact that the results can be used in the activity of law enforcement bodies competent to combating crimes in the field of public procurement.

The results of studies on the subject are set out in 1 monograph, 19 articles (including 4 in foreign journals), 91 abstracts.

The author’s work quoted in more than two journals, the total number of references to the publication the author of 8 (according to the database RISC), h-index = 1.

The total number of publications of the author is 120 scientific papers.