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Modern active power filters and switchmode power supplies with power factor correction

Work number - M 53 FILED


Vladimir V. Burlaka, Svetlana K. Podnebennaya


The work aims to address important scientific and technical problem of improving the energy efficiency of electrical networks, providing specified parameters of power quality and insuring electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment.

The scientific bases of designing energy-efficient active power filters and switchmode power supplies have received further development. The use of such active filters and power supplies results in a reduction of energy losses due to the significant reduction or elimination of distortion of the load current waveform.

The active power filters with improved harmonics mitigation efficiency and improved technical and economic characteristics have been developed and tested.

A number of circuit topologies of energy-efficient switching power supplies with active power factor correction, including several direct conversion type power supplies with high frequency transformer isolated output are presented.

The scientific level of work is demonstrated by the large number of authors’ patents for inventions (28), which confirms the worldwide novelty of proposed technical decisions, a large number of English-language primary sources, which the authors make references to, and international publications of the authors.

For the industrial enterprise with the active energy consumption close to 2 thousand MW·h per year (at a power factor of 0.7), the estimated economic impact is about 230 thousand UAH per year (according to 2013year data).

Research results are published in 87 publications, including 1 monograph, 26 articles, 4 of which – in scientometric and international journals (1 – in SCOPUS scientometric database). Novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is proved by 28 patents.