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Innovative solutions for railway transport to minimize the risk of emergencies and increasing energy efficiency on the ways with different track gauge

Work number - M 79 FILED

Author:Kara S.

Scientific work proposed by the Scientific and Technical Council of the branch "Research and Design Institute of Railway Transport" PJSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"


Improving safety and energy efficiency in railway transport in terms of European integration is an extremely actual task today. Conducting depth analysis of designs sliding wheelsets and bogies for freight wagons 1520 mm showed major deficiencies of designs undercarriages of cars in terms of safety.In this scientific workwe have developed a set innovative technical solutions for the development of rail transport in modern conditions, namely: sliding wheelset with a central locking mechanism on the basis of SUW2000 with a reduced number of elements and an increased margin of safety main nodes; side frame of bogie type 18-100 with axle-box lineto reduce the stress level in the zone of R55; project side frame of rolled metal; a set of technical solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of rolling stock by creating a first stage spring suspension and innovative design stand for static tests of freight wagons bogies.

The study was conducted by methods of classical mechanics, methods of analysis of stress-strain state of elastic bodies based on the finite element method and the methods of mathematical statistics.


The research results are described in 5 Articles and 7 theses of scientific conferences.