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Technology basics of heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of acrylic monomers by aldol condensation method

Work number - M 63 AWARDED



Presented by Lviv Polytechnic National University for obtaining the annual award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists.

А series of scientific work consists of 17 scientific articles published during 2009-2014.

In the series of scientific work the development and research of new highly efficient catalytic systems for synthesis of acrylic monomers by aldol condensation of carbonyl compounds in the gas phase and creation on their basis of scientific basics of technology of methacrylic acid production are presented. The effect of qualitative and quantitative composition of the catalyst components and the process conditions on the acrylic monomers obtaining reactions has been determined. The correlation between catalyst composition, its physical and chemical and catalytic properties in aldol condensation reactions has been ascertained. Kinetic regularities of methacrylic acid obtaining reactions have been determined. A kinetic model has been created and used as the basis for choosing optimal technological parameters of the process. A principal flow diagram of methacrylic acid obtaining by aldol condensation of propionic acid with formaldehyde in the gas phase has been proposed. The developed catalytic systems allow reaching yield of methacrylic acid up to 93.5% assuming recycling of unreacted reagents.

The results of the series of scientific work have practical value for technology of bulk organic synthesis. The developed catalysts allow intensifying of industrial processes of acrylic monomers production from available raw materials by increasing the yield of target products and reducing the number of stages of its production.

The results of studies on the subject of a series of scientific work are published in 17 articles (including 15 articles in professional journals and two articles in journals included to the international databases Scopus and Index Copernicus International), the results were presented and reported at 31 international and Ukrainian scientific conferences. Basedon the research 2 patents of Ukraine were received.

The total number of scientific publications of Nebesnyi R.V. is81.