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Metalorganic complexes – antioxidants with nephronprotective effect


SI "Institute of Gastroenterology Medical Sciences of Ukraine"

Fulfilled: PhD, Associate Senior Researcher Babii Svitlana


Scientific work is devoted to investigation of the biochemical markers of the renal function and nephroprotective properties of the cluster Rhenium compounds in the tumor-bearing rats. It was shown that development of the Guerin carcinoma and introduction of cisplatin led to the damage of the kidneys of rats that was confirmed by anincrease of relative kidney weight, proteinuria, change of γ-glutamyl transpeptidase and lactate dehydrogenase activity in the urea and tissue homogenates of the kidneys, by a decrease of relative reabsorption and glomerular filtration. Introduction of nanoliposomal forms of the rhenium cluster compounds led to normalization of above mentioned diagnostic indexes and to reduction of the toxic cisplatin influence that was confirmed by biochemical and morphological investigations.For the first time, the ability of cluster Rhenium compounds to reduce cisplatin-induced oxidative stress in the kidneys in the model of tumor growth has been demonstrated. It was confirmed by reduction of TBA-active products and carbonyl groups of proteins and increase of the concentration of thiols to normal level. These data demonstrate antiradical properties of cluster Rhenium compounds in kidney tissue. The attempt was made to explain the mechanism of nephroprotective activity of the Rhenium compounds with quadruple bond. This complexes may be recommended as perspective compounds with antioxidant and nephroprotective effects for using in anticancer therapy and disorders related with changes of prooxidant-antioxidant state.

Total number of publications – 31, including 2 publications in refereed Ukrainian and 3in foreign specialized journals.

The number of citations in Scopus – 9; h-index– 1.