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Evalution of co2 emission from chernozems in the context of rational use of soil resources


Authors: Kucher A.V.; Syabruk O.P.


The work is presented by the National Scientific Center «Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky»


Purpose– to identify and evaluate natural and anthropogenic factors influencing the dynamics of CO2 emission from chernozems, make economic and environmental assessment of the direct carbon losses from soil and justify the environmental and economic principles of development for low carbon agricultural land use.

The work addressed important scientific-theoretical problem of determining the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on CO2 emission in chernozem typical and podzolized of Left Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine in seasonal and annual dynamics in order to improve the quantitative monitoring and accounting of CO2 emission from agro-industrial activities on agricultural lands, given it environmental and economic principles of low carbon agricultural land use were substantiated.

The scientific novelty and value of the paperis in the expanding scientific knowledges about the laws of the dynamics of CO2 emission flow from chernozems under the influence of their agricultural usage (tillage, fertilization, crop rotation) on the background of seasonal fluctuations of hydrothermal conditions; it was defined volume of carbon emission losses by chernozems typical and podzolized during the growing season and developed predictive models of carbon losses due to respiration; proposed and approved the scientific and methodical approach to economic evaluation of the environmental effect from preventing carbon dioxide emissions from soils at different levels of anthropogenic stress; made macroeconomic evaluation of the development potential of low carbon agricultural land use, defined projected costs for the implementation of this potential and developed proposals about potential funding sources for soil-protective measures; defined environmental and economic efficiency of agro-techniques for regulation of soil carbon regime, their usage will contribute to the rational use of soil resources. Implementation of results may help improve methods of monitoring CO2 emissions from soils and increase the efficiency of land use.

Scientific results of the work are presented in 4 books, 26 articles, of which 18 – in professional journals, 8 – in foreign editions.

The total number of publications of authors:

Kucher A.V– 193, including – 2 articlesin Scopus.According to the data of Google Scholar, the total number of citations is 48, h-index = 4, and 10-index – 1; according to the data of Science Index, Hirsch index is 1, the average impact-factor of journals – 0,076.

Syabruk O.P. –13.