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Efficiency improvement of energy supply to end users by means of self-regulation

Work number - M 59 AWARDED

Authors: Veremiichuk Y.A.; Goncharenko I.S.; Lysenko O.M.;Черкашина Г.І.

Presented by the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The aim of this study is to increase the efficiency of generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical and/or thermal energy through efficient management of optimal modes of energy use by end users (industrial, housing and communal services, residents, etc.).

The work addressed important scientific and technical problem of efficient energy supply of end users who is regulating this process.

The authors proved method of forming consumer groups; developed the system of evaluation of management of electricity consumption; developed a method of determining payment for regulation services, as part tariff for electricity; improved the way electricity is supplied to end users by introducing additional connection; developed weather-dependent algorithm of effective control of heat consumption of buildings.

The results have important practical implications for:

Electricity - implementation of management practices on the use of economic incentives in the formation of differentiated tariffs for the period of time that enables changes in configuration of daily load graphs of the system depending on factors of different tariff systems. This allows you to create the preconditions for the formation of new options for differentiated tariffs by the period of time that will provide reduction of electricity consumption in peak and half-peak zones of the day by 3.6% and 1.7% respectively;

Heating - efficient management of heat consumption by the end user saves up to 15% of heat energy in public buildings and residential and public sector, which in turn leads to savings of primary fuel in the boiler on the level up to 20%.

Studies relating to this scientific work are implemented in the State Inspectorate of Ukraine of power supervision of the modes of consumption of energy and heat, AC "Kharkivoblenergo" (Kharkiv), the Department of Fuel and Energy Complex of Regional State Administration Kharkiv region (Kharkiv), LLC "Weatherforecast of Ukraine" (Kyiv), LLC "Plant Power Equipment" DAN"(Kyiv), LLC "RBSA"(Kyiv).

According to the research results three Ph.D theses are defended. The main results are reflected in 60 scientific works, including 1 - monography, 29 - periodic specialized professional journals (including 10 publications included in the international scientometrics bases and 2 in foreign journals). Studies received one certificate of copyright registration on scientific work and 2 patents of utility model.

The general index of citing works of authors - 14, h-index = 2.