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The influence of paratypic and genotypic factors on the productive qualities of pigs of different genoty

Work number - M 75 FILED

Name of the organization:Mykolayiv State Agrarian University.

Last name, first name of the applicant:Lihach Anna.

Ukrainehas always been a country where pig farming played a special role. Products of pig-breeding occupied and continue to occupy a significant place in the diet of the average Ukrainian. The intensification of the pig industry and the latest developments in the maintenance and feeding of pigs has led to the possibility of the transition of sows on zero grazing content of both group and individual ways. In recent times, the world has increased the demand for high quality lean pork. In Ukraine, received and used both in pure breeding and crossbreeding with the pigs of different breeds of meat productivity.

The scientific importance of work consists in the theoretical substantiation and practical realization of the impact of individual way of maintain sows intrabreed type Duroc of Ukrainian breeding "Steppe", Large white and Landrace breeds of foreign selection in the reproduction quality with different methods of breeding, and establish the effectiveness of combinations of pig breeds Duroc of Ukrainian breeding with specialized meat genotypes in the conditions of intensive technologies to improve meat and bacon qualities.

Results of the research proposed and put into production in a breeding farm SEC «Agricultural company «Mig-Service-Agro» Mykolayiv region and JSC «Pedigree farm «Stepnoi» Zaporozhye region, as evidenced by the implementation of regulations.

According to the research proved that in the conditions of intensive livestock farming the best option sows is individual, because such content not only improves the reproductive qualities of animals from a technological point of view, but also obtain during the implementation of piglets in net profit at the level of 44021,3 UAH per 100 head of sows. It is established that the characteristics of the morphological composition of carcasses of local youngsters (a combination of Landrace and Duroc breeds Ukrainian selection) cause an increase in its total value 7,16-18,0 UAH, by increasing the proportion of higher-value cuts.

Total number of scientific articles is – 32, including 7 articles in international journals.