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The maximum runoff of rain floods in the carpathian region (precarpathiаn)

Work number - M 58 FILED

Author: Goptsiy M.V.


Presented to the Odessa state environmental university

For a long time, the characteristics of the maximum runoff of rivers on the territory of Ukraine are carried out by different techniques, but mainly using semi-empirical core structures. Further development of normative approaches to the definition of maximum discharge rainfall floods and spring floods of the authors associated with the improvement primarily of theoretical bases of the calculation schemes. The model of runoff formation "slope influx – runoff flow" implemented on the example of the maximum runoff of rain floods in the Carpathian region.

With the aim of improving the scientific-methodical base in sphere of regulation of the characteristics of the maximum runoff of rain floods of the rivers of the Carpathians by the author based on the theory of channel isochrone. It is based on channel isochrones theory. The flow formation process is performed as a result of two-operator model of precipitation transforming into runoff. The first operator (slope flow) describes the characteristics of the underlying slopes surface, and the second – the transformation of tide slope river network (in a lag time of channel, the channel floodplain regulation, by the influence of lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and the type of flow).

Design scheme recommended for practical use when determining the maximum ins of rain floods of different probabilities of excellence in the Carpathian mountains. Besides it is necessary to use the out of date document (SN&P 2.01.14-83) when design and realize the flood events in the river’s valleys and temporary streams. The author substantiated the method of calculation of characteristics of the maximum runoff of rain floods within Carpathian region, which is based on the observation results prior to 2008, can be without additional modifications directly used in water management institutions.

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