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Scientific substantiation of development the technology of thin coal seams extraction with underground gasification

Work number - M 44 AWARDED


Lozynskyi V.G., Saik P.B.


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State higher education institution “National mining university”


In this paper, based on established dependences of change the regime of underground gasifier with account stress-strain state of rock massif, physical flow velocities and kinetics of thermochemical reactions around underground gasifier resolved new relevant scientific and practical task of substantiation the rational parameters of thin coal seams extraction with borehole underground gasification.

The scientific value of this work is to establish dependences of change preparation and regime of underground gasifier during thin contiguous coal seam extraction in the zones of geological faults, that allow to substantiate rational parameters of borehole underground coal gasification technology.

The practical significance of the work consist in the definition of sustainable technology parameters of underground gasifier and developing recommendations for coal reserves development with offered practical solutions regarding thin coal seams gasification, which will expand the scope of borehole underground gasification technology.

World class of this work based on rave reviews from colleagues from Central Mining Institute (Katowice, Poland) with which еру authors participated in international project HUGE "Hydrogen oriented underground coal gasification for Europe" and a number of other projects.

The economic effect of the introduction of developments thatцфіdetermined based on the establishment of monthly income received from the sale of energy and chemicals from the gas generator during thin coal seams gasification make 112 – 114 thousand UAH. per month, depending on the existing system of underground gasifiers and geometric dimensions of the site.

The results of this work was published in 41 scientific papers, including 2 collective monographs, 12 papers published in professional journals registered my Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 9 – in foreign journals, 16 – in Ukrainian and international conferences, 8 published articles included in the database SCOPUS
(h-index 1), 1 – in the database Web of Science. Received one patent for utility model and one patent.

Total number publications – 48.