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Philosophical Mode of the General Management Theory


Authors: Bekh Y.V.

Presentedby the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.


The series of the work aimed at solving the problems of methodological support of an information and organizational unity of the world community and the nature of its condition, pace and integrity.

Created philosophical mode of worldview and ideological mechanism ensuring the formation General Management Theory of technical, biological and social systems.

The author carried out production of new non-traditional tasks of the philosophical content of the formation General Management Theory on based on certain funds and comparative analysis of the technological, biological and social systems.

The series of the work includes priority results: a) the proposed three-tier structure of the general theory of management; b) the necessity of use in the modern practice of management activities ideology of dynamic equilibrium, which manifests a certain ratio of technocracy, environmentalism and humanism.

Developed and implemented in the educational process of the Management Department of NPU Dragomanov content structure of the General Management Theory, according to which there is a training management profile, namely to change the structure of curricula; developed the concept and curriculum for master's degrees; introduced in the curriculum of training courses "Philosophy and methodology of management" and " General Management Theory."

The results of series of the work are relevant and include next new positions: a) civil servants, political scientists and other professionals involved in project development of the state and civil society, especially the development of strategy of development of a particular state and inter-state relations and the organization of large-scale interactions; b) managers involved in the development strategy of the enterprise development, analysis and forecasting its activities, including the training of managerial staff; c) teachers, developing curricula of Bachelor's and Master's managerial skills; g) cientists engaged in research management issues of various types and levels.

The results of studies on the subject are set out in the sole 4 monographs, 4 collective monographs, 25 articles. The total number of references to the author of the publication is 60 (according to Google's database), h-index = 5.

The total number of publications of the author - 88.