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Formation conditions of native copper mineralization in volcanites of trappean formation within western Volyn


Author: Batsevych(Nesterovych) N.V.


Submittedby:The Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The aim of the researchwas to clarify the geochemical and petrographic features rock-ore complexes of the trappeanformationwithin Western Volyn,determining the temperature, composition and origin of fluids magmatic and postmagmatic processes and creating a generalized model of magmatic-hydrothermal mineralogenesis.

It obtained a number of fundamental results:the maps of the power, the relief and cuts wells of suite and strata all units stratified area were constructed, and for the first time the direct dependence between the influence power and copper concentrations was determined. The presence of liquation phenomena in the course of the trap formation forming that contributed to separation of the copper droplets with transference into near-surface horizons of outflows was proved, the genetic significance of findings of pisolithes in tuffs of the Babyn suite was determined, systematic mineralofluidologic study of volcanites were carried out as well as the temperature, composition and aggregate state of the fluid environment of crystallization of minerals of the copper-bearing parageneses were determined.

In conclusion, held the results petrography-petrochemical studies taking into account ontogenicaspects performed geochemical studies from the base to the roof volcanic flows, the study of fluid inclusions in minerals like magmaticand postmagmatic origin have made it possible to create not only a complete image of textural-structural features of trap formations within Western Volyn, but also explain the localization industry copper-bearingmineralization in certain areas and certain strata and suite. The results will make inpossible forapply this approach to all trap formation.

Analysis of the material formed the basis for the development of the concept of migration processes in rock-ore complexes of the trappeanformation, located the Western Volyn, particularly at forming of native copper mineralization involving active agents such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and chlorine.

New approaches to the reproducing of formation processesof the native-copper mineralization (fluid-liquationhypothesis) wereproposed.