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Novel design and technology solutions for high-performance military and civil use machines at impact interaction

Work number - M 46 AWARDED

AUTHORS:  Tkachuk M.M., Grabovskiy A.V., Skripchenko N.B.

Work is submitted by National Technical University

«Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute»

This work develops theoretical grounds for high-performance design of military and civil use machines and covers improvement and implementation of methods for analysis of stress-strain state with account for contact interaction and geometry synthesis for complex-shaped elements of engineering structures with kinematically generated surfaces and dynamics of vibro-impact systems based on their parametric description and integration of computational models of different levels. 

A new approach to problems related to geometric synthesis and analysis of stress-strain state of complex-shaped bodies as well as parametric synthesis and dynamics analysis of vibro-impact systems is developed. A method for determination of the kinematically generated surfaces and construction of the  finite element model is proposed. A new semi-analytical version of the boundary element method distinguished by accurate, not approximate, calculation of coefficients in the defining equations. A new method for solving the inverse problem of dynamics for vibro-impact systems, consisting in identification of impact-contact interaction forces and their temporal distribution in vibro-impact systems, is developed.

This work delivered several results of substantial practical importance: design recommendations for the prototypes of a hydrovolumetric transmission, a two-parameter gear drives for heavy and light-armoured vechichles, chain drives, that resulted in ultimate design solutions with high performance; scientifically grounded parameter identification for an improved design of a vibro-impact shake-out machine for large car casting, construction and parameters of armoured hulls for modern domestic armoured personnel carriers. The approach developed in this work is extendable to design of a wide class of machine elements engaged in contactinteraction.

Total number of publications – 118. In particular, published in reviewed international journals – 27. Total number of citations according to SCOPUS – 64, collective citation index according to SCOPUS – 2.