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Comprehensive corrosion protection of metal fund of Ukraine

Work number - M 41 AWARDED

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Authors: Frolenkova  S.V., Vorob’iova  V.I., Vasyliev G.S.



The work is aimed to solve an important scientific and technical problem of comprehensive corrosion protection of metal fund of Ukrainewhich is being operated in natural and technological conditions, water or atmospheric environments with different aggressiveness.

The scientific principles of improving the chemical resistance of materials are developed using the synergistic contact type passivation compositions based on oxyanions, environmentally safe volatile inhibitors derived from plant organic compounds and corrosion properties of the components of the corrosive environment. Developed and deepened theoretical understanding of the mechanisms of inhibitory action of developed compositionsand metal protection mechanism with natural components of corrosive media.

Volatile corrosion inhibitors and wrapping paper based on them are developed. The results of development are introduced at OJSC "Dnepropetrovsk plant of tower cranes and mechanization" Dniprokranservis "and JSC" Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol ". The combined passivators based on environmentally friendly oxyanions were developed. Implementation was conducted in enterprises "Prominvest Kyi Group", LTD "LUKOM" and LTD "Recon" for protection of steel products and equipment from atmospheric corrosion. Developed new magnesium protection units for internal corrosion protection of pipelines SHIELD-N. Manufactured and submitted for implementing over 135 SHIELD-N units of different types in new structures building.

The world level of the obtained scientific results is approved by the presence of 9 scientometric publications in journals included in the SCOPUS database, presentation of obtained results at 20 international scientific conferences, obtained 5 patents of Ukraine. Comparative tests showed that the designed corrosion inhibitors not inferior in performance to the best world analogues.

The economic effect of the introduction of scientific research in industry reaches 7 million. UAH. as evidenced by appropriate calculations provided by the companies where implementation was performed.

Scientific results are presented in 46 articles, including 9 in journals included in the SCOPUS database. Novelty and competitive technical solutions are protected by 5 patents.

Total number of author’s publications - 94.