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2015, President's Award

Number Title of work Presentation
M2 Leading-edge technologies of fuel preparation (Number of comments: 16)
M3 Increase of functional efficiency of composite products of aerospace equipment (Number of comments: 11)
M5 А series of research papers "Analytic and algebraic methods in spectral problems" (Number of comments: 6)
M6 А series of the work "Mathematical modeling and simulation of heat and mass transfer processes in randomly nonhomogeneous and stratified bodies" (Number of comments: 4)
M7 A series of the work "The development of domain decomposition methods for solution of variational inequalities that model the contact between several elastic bodies" (Number of comments: 7)
M8 А series of works “Development of a parallel information technology for solving multicriteria stochastic optimization problems and risks assesment in insurance” (Number of comments: 8)
M9 "Electron excitation of the np6 subvalence shell in rubidium (n = 4) and barium (n = 5) atoms" (Number of comments: 17)
M10 А series of the work "Effective polimer-nanoparticles nanocomposites for the design of new photonics devices: holographic optical elements, miniaturized lasers and sensors» (Number of comments: 21)
M11 А series of the works "Classification of measures on Cantor spaces and characterization problems on abelian groups" (Number of comments: 6)
M12 А series of the work "Physical bases of surface strengthening of biocompatible alloys used in orthopaedic dentistry and implantology" (Number of comments: 6)
M14 Energy-efficient way of obtaining high-quality low-carbon steel wire with the use of severe plastic deformation (Number of comments: 11)
M15 Composite materials and coatings on the titanium-chromium carbide and diboride with high level of wear and corrosion resistance (Number of comments: 9)
M16 A series of the scientific works “Mathematical models and methods of pipelines lifetime estimation” (Number of comments: 16)
M17 Methods of the modification of the surface layer by interstitial elements (oxygen, nitrogen) to improve the properties of titanium alloys (Number of comments: 10)
M20 Heat flux transducers for control of heat load on the aerodynamic paylod fairing of a lounch-vehicle (Number of comments: 12)
M21 А series of scientific works "Formation of novel biomaterials and coatings of medical implants based on hydroxyapatite and biopolymers for military medicine" (Number of comments: 0)
M22 A new method of creating epoxy composites whith improved physical and mechanical characteristics under influence of constant physical fields (Number of comments: 8)
M25 High power supercapacitors for modern energy storage systems (Number of comments: 9)
M37 А series of works «Algebraic, geometric and dynamic properties of finite automata (Number of comments: 0)
M39 A series of the work «Models and methods for optimization of circular routes in transport logistics» (Number of comments: 9)
M41 The highly productive technologies of analysis and synthesis of images for problems of medical diagnostics (Number of comments: 1)
M42 Dynamic Data Mining based on hybrid evolving neuro-fuzzy systems (Number of comments: 4)
M45 Geomechanical substantiation of technology of working coal seams by plow complexes under conditions of the Western Donbass Mines (Number of comments: 28)
M47 New approaches to creation and efficiency justification of the functional metalocomlexes, clusters and organic materials for needs of nanoelectronics and nanophotonics (Number of comments: 11)
M49 Intellectual technology of analysis and synthesis of self-learning control system. (Number of comments: 1)
M50 Methods and technologies of assessment and ensuring of critical information and control systems functional safety (Number of comments: 11)
M51 Modeling of socio-economic and ecological processes south-western region of Ukraine on the basis of inductive models (Number of comments: 0)
M54 New methods and means of multi-parameter diagnostics of equipment and structures of long-term exposure (Number of comments: 11)
M59 Electrical, optical and structural properties of simple and transition ultrathin metal films (Number of comments: 8)
M66 Nonlinear deformation and buckling of axially compressed cylindrical shells with essentially non-uniform stress-strain state (Number of comments: 0)
M69 Innovative design and technological solutions of manufacturing thin-walled bimetallic elements for engineering products (Number of comments: 0)
M70 А series of the work "Ionospheric manifestations of acoustic-gravity waves under quiet and disturbed conditions" (Number of comments: 4)
M72 Mathematical models of contact and impact interaction of mechanical systems elements: theoretical basis and practical implementation (Number of comments: 13)
M76 Multiagent information technology of diagnosis of computer systems of the existence of the botnets in corporate area network (Number of comments: 0)
M78 А series of the work “Nanostructurally-modified chalcogenide vitreous media for high-reliable optoelectronic” (Number of comments: 8)
M80 A series of scientific papers "Physical properties of open heterosystems as functional elements of nanodevices" (Number of comments: 11)
M81 А series of the work “Reduction of matrices over the ring of finite stable range ” (Number of comments: 5)
M87 А series of the work «Modeling and forecasting fuel economy and ecological safety of the car in traffic flow» (Number of comments: 0)
M91 Theoretical and experimental aspects of high-energy particle fluxes and irradiation formation from dense plasma (Number of comments: 17)
M92 Development of methods modify the properties of the coal charge and create optimal conditions for coke ovens produce high quality coke (Number of comments: 18)
Number Title of work Presentation
M13 A series of scientific works "Integrated ecological-geochemical studies of the environment and prediction of environmental risks" (Number of comments: 20)
M18 New means of the control quality improvement of electromechanical object (Number of comments: 18)
M19 Improving the efficiency of cogeneration steam turbines of powerful power units of heat power stations (Number of comments: 18)
M52 Urban space zoning for determine a high-risk areas (Number of comments: 0)
M60 Energy saving technologies of energy generation from alternative sources of energy (Number of comments: 16)
M73 The concept of energy saving during transportation and storage of motor fuels (Number of comments: 0)
M89 А series of works «Modeling ecological networks of regional and local territorial levels» (Number of comments: 25)
Number Title of work Presentation
M1 Features of the mechanism of erosive and ulcerative lesions of the stomach long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Number of comments: 13)
M4 Study of functional vessel state in children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (Number of comments: 13)
M23 Magnetic multifunctional nanocomposites and nanomaterials for biomedical applications (Number of comments: 17)
M24 Цикл наукових праць "Розроблення наноструктурованих каталізаторів нового покоління для промислових процесів та захисту навколишнього середовища" (Number of comments: 6)
M26 А series of the works “Novel bioanalytical systems for medicine” (Number of comments: 17)
M27 А series of the work «Development and bio-testing of novel compounds with antiviral and antitumor activity» (Number of comments: 15)
M28 А series of the work "Delivery of genetic material and drugs into eukaryotic cells by nanocarriers" (Number of comments: 28)
M31 А series of the work “Improving of methods of functional silver nanoparticles synthesis and studying their physicochemical characteristics and mechanisms of biological action” (Number of comments: 0)
M40 А series of the work «The study of reproduction of populations of carp fish and fishery exploitation of the Zaporozhian reservoir» (Number of comments: 21)
M55 Vortex impulse magnetic field influence on higher vegetative regulation centres (Number of comments: 0)
M56 The problem of Unionidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Unionidae) biodiversity under hydroceonosis antropogenic transformation in Ukraine (Number of comments: 0)
M58 A series of the work «Biodiversity conservation of rare plants species in nature and in vitro culture: ecological-physiologic and molecular-genetic approaches (for example, the genus Gentiana L.)» (Number of comments: 31)
M61 А series of the work "Directed synthesis of biologically important oxazaheterocycles and opened heteroatomic structures on the basis of epoxy compounds" (Number of comments: 19)
M77 А series of the work "Molecular design and utilization of aryl substituted five- and six-membered heterocycles and isocoumarins" (Number of comments: 13)
M84 А series of works «Synthesis and functionalization of 1Н-isothiochromen-4(3Н)-one 2,2-dioxide and dihydro-2Н-thiopyran-3(4Н)-one 1,1-dioxide» (Number of comments: 9)
M88 The optimization strategy of functional parameters to chalcogenide and chalcohalide materials (Number of comments: 4)
M90 The complex reagent method unsuitable especially toxic phosphorus and sulfur-containing pesticides with ecologically safe secondary products and remediation of contaminated soils in areas pesticide storage (Number of comments: 2)
M93 The cycle of scientific works "The system of preventive rehabilitation for servicemen of the armed forces of ukraine with combat stress in armed conflicts" (Number of comments: 27)
Number Title of work Presentation
M29 А series of the scientific papers «Land Administration Mechanisms for Sustainable Development» (Number of comments: 29)
M32 А series of the work "The administrative (police) activities of the internal affairs authorities" (Number of comments: 0)
M33 Investigation of crimes involving the use of explosives and objects processed in firearms (Number of comments: 23)
M34 Investigation of the crimes connected with application of explosive devices (Number of comments: 0)
M35 Series of the works “Internal affairs agencies of ukraine as subjects of the state’s law enforcement function implementation” (Number of comments: 1)
M36 А series of the work «Forensic graphics application at the stage of pre-trial investigation: issues of theory and practice» (Number of comments: 0)
M43 А series of works «Language Phenomenon of Greek Patristics of the Golden Age» (Number of comments: 0)
M44 Duality and singularity in thinking and language (german-ukrainian phenomenon) (Number of comments: 7)
M46 The cycle of scientific works "Devirtualization of Virtual: at the Top of Falling" (Number of comments: 3)
M48 The unity of the judiciary (Number of comments: 7)
M53 series of the work "Problems of sustainable lifestyle formation in Ukraine" (Number of comments: 13)
M57 А series of works «Intellectual property rights management and commercialization» (Number of comments: 8)
M63 Formation mechanism of restructuring airports (Number of comments: 0)
M64 The formation of administrative culture of future teachers in activity of organs of student’s self-government (Number of comments: 0)
M67 The problem of moral education of youth in national educational periodicals of the second half of the XX century (Number of comments: 0)
M68 Historical study of austrian dialects (Number of comments: 0)
M71 Cycle of scientific works “Non-banking Financial Institutions in Financial Providing of Innovation Projects” (Number of comments: 30)
M74 The ways of development of local self-government of Ukraine in the context of experience of the Memberstates of the European Union (Number of comments: 0)
M75 А series of the work «Ecologically-oriented management of the administrative territory socio-economic development» (Number of comments: 1)
M79 Finance of Holding Companies (Number of comments: 2)
M82 Yosyph Slipiy’s preaching heritage: the linguistic aspect (Number of comments: 6)
M85 A series of works “Religious tradition in law” (Number of comments: 22)
Number Title of work Presentation
M Селекційна цінність генофонду тютюну за насіннєвою продуктивністю (Number of comments: 0)
M30 Measures to improve the gross production of barley grain in Ukraine (Number of comments: 9)
M38 Innovative technologies of drying and extraction in microwave fields (Number of comments: 0)
M62 Вiotechnology of cultivation of plants the families of Willows for energy plantations (Number of comments: 27)
M65 Nanotechnology is a concentrate of lactose (Number of comments: 15)
M83 Selection value of the gene pool of tobacco with seed production (Number of comments: 0)
M86 Development of advanced production technologies of high-quality wool row stock (Number of comments: 15)