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A series of the work «Models and methods for optimization of circular routes in transport logistics»


Author: Morozov A.V.

Presented by Zhytomyr State University of Technology.

A series of scientific papers contains 31 scientific works (monograph – 1, SCOPUS – 1, article – 10, theses – 19).

According Google Schoolar, the total number of citations is 10, h-index - 2.

The purpose of the cycle of scientific works is setting new mathematical models for problems of transport logistics, development of mathematical methods for solving them, improving the accuracy of existing methods for the construction of cyclic routes on transport networks, improve the efficiency of transport of passengers and cargo. In a series of papers developed a classification problem of constructing circular routes on transport networks. An approximate method for solving the Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem, which outperforms the known algorithms and are not inferior to them in terms of accuracy. Method of finding solutions of the Hamiltonian Traveling Salesman Problem with lower requirements for computational resources than the known methods has been developed. Optimization model design and reconstruction of communication networks that generalize the Hamiltonian Traveling Salesman Problem and expand the scope of its application have been proposed. Mathematical models of two new variants of the Rural Postman (Hamiltonian and Cyclic Rural Postman Problem) have been developed. Methods for their solution and parallel implementation of algorithms on computers have been proposed. Scheme for the construction of exact and approximate solutions of the General Travelling Salesman Problem was developed. Modification of the classical branch and bound method (Little’s method), accelerating the search for optimal solutions of a class of a Travelling Salesman was proposed. Methods of saving of computing resources have been described.

The mathematical models of problems and their solutions focused on economically justified search for circular routes. They can be used for the efficient organization of the transport process in the operational management of passenger and freight services. Optimization of circular routes allows to reduce fuel costs and time spent in the performance of transport, mail delivery, cleaning, patrolling the streets of the district, and performing other tasks courier.

The total number of publications of the author 43.