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Nonlinear deformation and buckling of axially compressed cylindrical shells with essentially non-uniform stress-strain state

Work number - M 66 FILED

Lykhachova O.V., Kolesnikov М.V., Marchenko V.A.

State Higher Educational Establishment «Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture » Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The aim of the work consists in a comprehensive study of deformation and stability factors that essentiallyinfluence the buckling of real axially compressed cylindrical shells with a significantly non-homogeneous stress-strain state (SSS).

The scientific noveltyconsists in newdataincludingexperimentaloneofdeformation andbucklingof axially compressed cylindrical shells with: 1) non-periodic local quasi-static actions(LQA) for 5 different schemes of axial loading; 2) onetransversalorlongitudinalcutfortheschemes 1-5; 3) periodic non-uniform SSS in the circumferential direction caused by non-uniform loadingorperiodic initial imperfections.For the first time there have been obtained equilibrium paths of local post-critical shell buckling modes fortheschemes 1-5. Some new effects of the shell buckling behaviour have been found out. For the first time there have been also determined main features of linear and geometrically nonlinear buckling analyses of the shells with one cut depending on loading schemes. A negative effect of “static resonance” has been revealed first by numerical solution. This phenomenon consists in a sharp decrease of buckling load for periodical in circumferential direction SSS that corresponds exactlyto the number of waves of the first transversal eigenvibration mode.

The scientific and practical significancecomprises 1) development of theprocedureofthin-walledshellsdesignanalyseswithinANSYSsoftwareforareliableestimationofbucklingandfailureloads; 2) demonstrationof a wide application of ANSYS software for the solution of difficult nonlinear buckling problems by means of comparing the numerical simulation results withfamous and own experimental data and known analytical solutions, and validation of a possible replacement of expensive tests of real structures by numerical simulations.

The total number of publications– 37; monograph – 1; papers – 27, including papers in SCOPUS indexed international journals – 3; total citation index – 0.