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А series of the work "Effective polimer-nanoparticles nanocomposites for the design of new photonics devices: holographic optical elements, miniaturized lasers and sensors»

Work number - M 10 AWARDED

Authors: Kokhtych L.M, Yaremchuk I.Ya.


In the series of the work the problem of scientific and technical development and comprehensive study of photopolymer nanocomposites and forming mechanisms of a new devices on their base, has been solved.

The new priority fundamental and applied results have been obtained. Theoretical-experimental approach allowed explored the basic characteristics of photosensitive holographic nanocomposites and optical, structural, diffraction, luminescence and laser properties of periodic structures of polymer nanoparticles (NPs) made on their basis. It approach includes the holographic method of formation, monitoring and analysis of periodic structures, precision spectral measurements and computer modeling.

A general approach of choice of the photopolymer nanocomposites components based on the use of mixtures of two monomers with different functionality and reactivity, and which provides an efficient spatial redistribution NPs different nature into the polymer matrix has been proposed. The mathematical model and algorithm of numerical computationof the interaction of electromagnetic waves by periodic metal-containing structures on base of rigorous coupled wavelength analysis has been developed.

The authors proposed a solution of the problem of obtainingthe stable three-dimensional structures of polymer-metallic NPs with high concentration of the NPs and low levels of defects. Formation of the structures is a result of synthesis of the NPs from the precursor which is periodically distributed in the polymeric matrix.

Effective nanocomposites have been developed and optimized using the NPs of different nature: TiO2, ZrO2, SiO2, LaPO4:Ce,Tb, CdZnS2, Au, CdSe/ZnS and precursor silver NPs. Bulk periodic structures with a period 0.3-3µm and amplitude modulation of the refractive index 0.005-0.026, which is better than existing foreign analogs have been obtained. The holographic optical elements, lasers with distributed feedback sensors and filters with high level performance were realized. Their stability is maintained for eight years or more.

Obtained results have a great scientific and practical importance for the design and development functional nanomaterials and advanced photonics devices in Ukraine. The economic effect of the results is determined mainly by cost component nanocomposites: monomers and NPs or materials for the synthesis, precursors NPs and dyes that are commercially available. A series of works made in Ukraine.

The results of investigations are presented by 72 publications (22 papers in refereed journals, among which 15 in the international journals, 4 patents for inventions and 1 chapter book), 45 proceedings. The total number of references to the works of authors 54, 46 on the series of works (according to database SCOPUS) and h- index 5.