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A series of the scientific works “Mathematical models and methods of pipelines lifetime estimation”

Work number - M 16 AWARDED

Authors: DolinskaI.Ya., PostolakiL.I., PrytulaN.M.

Presented by Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the NAS of Ukraine

The series of the scientific works includes 30 scientific papers and 1 patent of Ukraine for invention which have been published for last 8 years.

The basis of the methodology of residual lifetime estimation of steam pipelines, gas pipelines and oil pipelines has been created with taking into account creep-fatigue cracking, hydrogen affect and residual stresses in the welded joints.

A series of fundamental results has been obtained, namely:the theoryof creep-fatiguefracture of cracked structure elements and pipelines under action of high temperature and time-dependent loading has been formulated; the methodology of thin-wall structures stress-strain state determination has been developed; the mathematical model of nonstationary and nonisothermal gas flow in the pipeline has been built.

The series of the scientific works contain priority results in the kinetics of creep-fatigue cracking of pipelines operating under action of high temperature and time-dependent loading; in the determination of the residual stresses at the welds and base metal; in the calculation of gas temperature distribution at the part of gas pipeline and at the gas pipelines system as well; in the solution of the problems of mass, energy and impulse transfer.

New approaches are proposed to lifetime determination of structure elements with creep-fatigue cracks under high temperatures action; acoustic-emission investigation of low-temperature creep crack growth at the long-term operation objects;direct and inverse problems solution of the elasticity theory in case of piecewise-homogeneous thin-walled structural elements with taking into account of complex stress-strain state in the contact vicinity within heterogeneous materials and zone of loading application;formation of mathematical model of gas transport system.

The authors have set and solved new non-traditional problems of subcritical period determination of creep-fatigue cracks growth and also the problems of the theory of interaction between physical-mechanical fields of different nature and also the direct and inverse problems in gas- and hydrodynamics of gas pipelines.

The results of the series of the work are important for engineering calculations and determination of the lifetime of steam, oil and gas pipelines and structure elements of the power equipment.

The research results are described in 30 articles. The authors papers are cited in over 5 scientific journals, the general publications citation index is 5 (according to database Scopus), h-index = 2. The authors have obtained 1 patent of Ukraine for invention.

The total number of the publications of the authors − 125.