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А series of the work «The study of reproduction of populations of carp fish and fishery exploitation of the Zaporozhian reservoir»

Work number - M 40 FILED


Marenkov O.N.

Presented by theOles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University

Series of scientific works consists of 55 papers published in 2010-2013. Consists of 20 articles and 35 abstracts.

For the first time in the last 50 years carried out comprehensive histological studies of the reproductive systems of cyprinids of the Zaporozhian reservoir. Investigated the regularities of oogenesis and gonadogenesis, passing sexual cycles and ecology of spawning carp fish in the context of ecological transformation of the Zaporozhian reservoir. Established the adaptive capacity of the reproductive systems of carp fish, which is expressed through the asynchronous development of sexual products and functional features of the passage of spawning fish.

First held environmental assessment and faunal analysis of biological diversity and distribution of fry fish of the Zaporozhian reservoir using an index of biological diversity, index of species similarity and index of cenotic significance.

Proven effective of the use of artificial spawning nests for spawning carp fish. Developed the practical recommendations for installation and use of artificial spawning nests in the waters of the Zaporozhian reservoir.

Based on these studies were calculated forecasts of possible commercial catch of cyprinids of the Zaporozhian reservoir without endangering the population.

The results of research implemented in production and are also essential for the development of fisheries and aquaculture.

Total number of publications: 81. On the topic of work published 55 scientific publications, including 20 articles (including 8 in foreign journals) and 35 abstracts. The results of research implemented in production – 3 application acts. The work of the author cited in more than 8 scientific journals Google Scholar - 8, h-indices = 2, RSCI – 2, h-indices = 1.