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Geomechanical substantiation of technology of working coal seams by plow complexes under conditions of the Western Donbass Mines

Work number - M 45 AWARDED

Authors: Dubits’ka M.S., Kravchenko K.V., Khalymendyk O.V.


The work is presented by “National Mining University”

The results are presented in 16 articles, (including SCOPUS).

The main objective of research is to determine the regularities of geomechanical processes in rock mass during plow mining and substantiation on that bassis the technical solution at all stages of new plow technology implementation under complicated geological condition of West Donbass thin coal seams.

Scientific novelty of work consists in:

- determining the regularities of geomechanical processes in rock mass at all stages of preparation and working the coal seams taking into account the complexity of geological, mining and technical situation, these regularities have the great scientific value and allow carring out successfully a strategic program of adaptation and implementation of plow technology in West Donbass mines;

- determining the regularities of stress-strain distribution around openings located in the coal face impact zone at different rates of plow mining;

- developing the technique of acoustic signal processing that allow defining the geometric parameters of irregularities in areas of geological faults, and proving the existence of informative amplitude-phase modulation related to power spectral density of acoustic signal exploring the rock mass.

A large-scale actual problem related to increasing the efficiency and safety of coal mining is solved by research team in terms of geological condition of West Donbass mines.

Scientific and practical results of the workhave already used by structural subdivisions of company «DTEK Pavlogradugol» while excavation designing and productive site mining. The economic effect of the result implementation is more than 7,5 million UAH per excavation site.