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The problem of Unionidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Unionidae) biodiversity under hydroceonosis antropogenic transformation in Ukraine


Pavliuchenko O. V., Vasilieva L. A., Tarasova J. V., Garlinska A. M.

IvanFranko Zhytomyr State University


The problem of biodiversity protection including freshwater malacobiots becomes more acute amongst other modern problems connected with anthropogenic transformation of environment, especially water ecosystems.

The aim of this research is to compare specific variety, distribution, modern state of population, biocenotic connections of freshwater mussels in the fauna of Ukraine.

This is the first complex Unionidae, Physinae, Theodoxusresearch in Ukraine on allozymes as main genotypic sings. The fauna in Ukraine is represented six aboriginal species (Unio pictorum, U. tumidus, U. crassus, Anodonta cygnea, A. anatina, Pseudanodonta complanata) and one adventitious (Sinanodonta woodiana) specie of family Unionidae, three species: Theodoxus fluviatilis, Th. astrachanicus, Th. danubialis genus Theodoxus;three species: Physa fontinalis, Ph. skinneri, Ph. acuta subfamily Physinae.The  most effective morphdogical diaqnostic siqn in Unionidae is theshell umbo sculpture character. The comparative analysis of kariology signs of Theodoxus is first conducted. For the first time the hermaphroditism in palearctic family representatives is presented as usual for every researched species phenomenon. It is discovered as a symbiotic of Theodoxus Chaetogaster limnaei and the features of mutual relations of these mussels are described with theirvermin–trematodes.It is set that an intermediate owner of trematodes of Physinaeis Ph. fontinalis. Additional owners are Ph. fontinalis and Phys. acuta.It is set that one specie of aspidogastreaAspidogaster conchicolais vermin of Unionidae in Ukraine. The features of distribution of A. conchicola are found out on territory of Ukraine. The extensity and intensityof invasion are set by A. conchicola of Unionidae. The displays of negative influence of A. conchicola are set on an owner, in particular, on the morpho-physiology indexes of Unionidae.

Main results of this scientific research are published in 143 works, 42 of which in professional editions, 8 in SCOPUS journals.