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Formation mechanism of restructuring airports


Krapko O.


Research workfor the award of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists, National AviationUniversity, Kyiv, 2015.

The aim ofthe research is to develop theoretical and methodological positions and practical recommendations on the design and implementation of restructuring mechanism of the airports as the direction to achieve persistent benefits. Object is the process of restructuring enterprises. The subject of the research is the set of theoretical, methodological and practical principles of managing the airport restructuring.

Scientific feature of noveltyof the taken results is the following. The mechanism of adaptive restructuring of the airport is suggested for the first time, which, unlike the existed definition, is based on the stage of its cyclical development, selection of types, methods and principles of restructuring and evaluation of the effect of the mechanism application  using adaptive management. The airport management structure is improved that formalizes a set of connections between structural units being a combination of all services and airport property; classification of restructuring airports. The essence of the "adaptive airport restructuring "concept has got the further development;  the determining point for cycling restructuring of the airport  allows you to set the start restructuring and transformation providing an effective extension of the airport.

The basictheoretical principles and practical results have been discussed at the 7 national and 17 international scientific conferences. The research is published in 2 collective monographs (including 1 ina foreign country), 10 articles in professional journals (including 1 inthe publication of a foreign country that are included in the international scientific databases metric) and practical implementation of the airlines of Ukraine.

The research resultsare implemented in practice communal enterprise of "Kyiv International Airport" (Juliani), "ZAPOROZHYE HENDLING COMPANY" LTD (International airport "Zaporozhye"), which allowed the specified business entities to improve their management activities, develop more effective strategies for restructuring form mechanism for airlines management restructuring, which improved the efficiency of all economic activity. The research materials are used in teaching subjects "Finance Company", "Business Economics", "Management business potential" in the National Aviation University.