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Development of methods modify the properties of the coal charge and create optimal conditions for coke ovens produce high quality coke

Work number - M 92 AWARDED




In this paper we solve an important scientific and technical problem of developing a unified method for calculating pressure distension values in various coal concentrates and their mixtures during the bulk loading and ramming, developing methods of calculating the pressure distension of coal charge to ensure its optimal values during coking and method of producing high-quality metallurgical coke using new additive.

We have developed the scientific bases and methodology targeting the physic-chemical processes of thermal degradation of coal charge components for coke production areas with the highest proportion of anisotropic structure by introducing a space-charge-modifying additives (fine powders of α-Al2O3 and α-SiC) 0.5% by weight, which provide additional "crystallization" sites during the carbonization and hardening plastic stage (400-500 ° C) of coal in the charge. Such coke has a lower reactivity and a greater strength, including during thermal exposure, thereby reducing its production costs and increase productivity iron blast furnace.

We have developed and implemented in scientific and industrial practice a standardized method for determining the bursting pressure of coal and non-additive method of calculating the pressure distension of coal charge on the basis of data on individual pressure bursting of coal and its binary mixtures.

The level of development exceeds the best world standards, as evidenced by publications on the subject in foreign scientific journals and tested at international scientific conferences. The results have been implemented in the production of PJSC "Avdiivkiy CCP", PJSC "Makeevcoke" CCD PJSC "AMC", PJSC "Zaporozhcoke" PJSC "EVRAZ DKHZ."

The economic effect /of the introduction of this technology/ is achieved by providing a safe environment for coke batteries, reducing their maintenance cost and extension of their operation. Economic effect for the coke industry is 7980 thousand grn/year. An additional effect is achieved in the production of blast furnace coke as a result of using the modified blend, reducing its cost and increasing the production of pig iron in blast furnaces, including using pulverized fuel.

Scientific results of the work are reflected in 11 articles and 7 abstracts. Novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 2 patents. The overall index of citing publications 2 (databases Scopus), h-index = 1.

Total number of publications of authors - 102, in particular in foreign journals with non-zero impact factor - 12.