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Measures to improve the gross production of barley grain in Ukraine

Work number - M 30 AWARDED

Authors: Solonechnyy P.N.,  Zvyagintseva A.N., Manko K.N.


         Our studies are aimed at a comprehensive solution of a challenge to enhance and stabilize barley grain production by integrating works on increasing yields, resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and implementing innovative technologies of cultivation.

         To solve this problem genetic diversity of spring barley was expanded, thereby creating  completely new source material and increasing efficiency of breeding new highly adaptive varieties of this plant.

         Using a method developed for evaluation of spring barley resistance to helminthosporiosis pathogens sources of resistance to pathogens and pests were identified, thereby creating varieties with genetic protection against a complex of noxious organisms.

         On the basis of the study results 11 spring barley varieties for grain and brewing were created and transferred to the State variety trial. The varieties Allegro and Agrariy have been entered into the State Register of varieties for all growing areas since 2014. The new varieties exceed the standard by 10-15% in terms of yield capacity and are characterized by high resistance to biological and abiotic factors. This line of research provides growing these barley varieties via organic technology, which guarantees high quality products and reduction in pesticide load on the environment.

          Barley cultivation technologies, which allow significant economizing material and technical resources and improve efficiency of growing new varieties were developed and recommended for implementation in the industry.

         The economic effect from the introduction of new varieties will range from 584.9 UAH/ha to 1060.2 UAH/ha, profitability – from 49.6% to 146.5%.

         The results of this series are of great scientific and practical value for agriculture and satisfy the most modern requirements of scientific support of the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine.

         Number of publications: 82, including 1 manual, 1 scientific publication, 1 catalog, 3 methodological recommendations, 40 scientific articles, 34 abstracts, 1 invention patent and 1 utility model patent.